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Organization : Nemetschek Vectorworks
Position : Software Engineer

Nemetschek Vectorworks Interview Process

I applied at Nemetschek Vectorworks for the position of Software Engineer through an online application. I was interviewed at Nemetschek Vectorworks in 2013 and the process took more than a month. There were four rounds in the hiring process at Nemetschek Vectorworks - one telephonic screening and three On-Site Interviews.

Round 1 - Telephonic Screening
Telephonic Screening was the first thing. The interviewer mostly went over the overview of my resume. The questions were all expected and basic in nature. But after all that, the concentration moved from those questions to basic technical questions regarding OOPS and Java. After some thirty minutes of the screening, I was informed that my interview was scheduled after a week on site.

Round 2 - First On-Site Interview
This first round lasted about two hours and was the longest round in the entire process. The reason was that I was asked to write a few codes. There were three interviewers in this round and thus there was a bit of pressure residing over me. The codes were not hard but they were not easy as well. It took me some time to write. But I felt that they were impressed with my work. They all went cool after that and asked me some questions out of the technical bounds.

Round 3 - Second On-Site Round
This second round was with the VP of the company. Nothing much was asked as far as the technical things are concerned. He picked up my resume and went in depth with it. From top to bottom, I was asked questions on everything I had written. But the major focus was on the projects that I had mentioned in my resume. The methodology, the problems, the improvisations, the learnings, everything was asked over those projects. One thing I liked was that he himself had in-depth knowledge about everything.

Round 4 - HR interview
There was not much left for the HR to ask me. Everything about myself and my resume was already covered in the previous round. Thus, nothing much was asked in this round. The questions were the basic one that you are asked in almost every other interviews.
Q1. Where do you see yourself five years from now?
Q2. How will you maximize your output if you are selected for this position in our firm?
Q3. What if you get into a dispute with your team leader?

How to crack Nemetschek Vectorworks Interview

The foremost thing that I would like to share is that I did not like how the hiring process was stretched so much. A month is a big time and it took even more. But the thing that I liked is that I was duly informed about all the interview well before. This way, the interviews went on smooth which is quite something and gives you a satisfaction on the mental level.

Coming up to cracking the interviews, I would say that for each round, you need to prepare differently. Firstly you will face the telephonic interview for which you must be prepared with the Java and OOPS concepts and basic questions.

For the on-site round, you must be good in the coding. Nothing much was asked in this round and you will be judged by how good you are in coding. If your codes are good, then you will cast a good impression on the interviewers which will be a green signal for you mostly (until you do something very very wrong).

The VP round is thoroughly resume based. You will be asked never ending questions on your resume. So yes, be prepared especially with your past projects.

For the HR interview, you need not prepare anything. There will be some basic questions that you must have read everywhere. It is more of a formality.

Thanks Anmol for sharing the details of your interview.
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Difficult Brain Twister

A strange tradition is followed in an orthodox and undeveloped village. The chief of the village collects taxes from all the males of the village yearly. But it is the method of taking taxes that is interesting.

The taxes paid in the form of grains and every male should pay equal pounds corresponding to his age. In simpler terms, a man aged 10 years will have to pay 10 pounds of grains and a 20 years old will be paying 20 pounds of grain.

The chief stands on a riser containing 7 different weights next to a large 2 pan scale. As per the interesting custom, the chief can only weigh using three of the seven weights.

In such a scenario, can you calculate what must be the weights of the seven weights each and who is the oldest man the chief can measure using those weights?

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Cool Equation Riddle

If 1 + 9 + 11 = 1, Then what is the value of

12 + 11 + 9 = ?

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Maths Magic Riddle

I can prove why 1 = 2

Step1. Lets say y = x
Step2. Multiply through by x xy = x2
Step3. Subtract y2 from each side xy - y2 = x2 - y2
Step4. Factor each side y(x-y) = (x+y)(x-y)
Step5. Divide both sides by (x-y) y = x+y
Step6. Divide both sides by y y/y = x/y + y/y
Step7. And so... 1 = x/y + 1
Step8. Since x=y, x/y = 1 1 = 1 + 1
Step9. And so... 1 = 2

How is this possible ?

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Tough Two Jug Measuring Puzzle

I got two jugs of
A) 11 liter
B) 6 liter

How can I measure exactly 9 liters ?

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Hard Logic Puzzle

A great meeting is held by a great logician where all the other logicians are called upon. The master logician takes them in a room and makes them sit in circle. A hat is placed on each of their heads. Now all of them can see the color of hats others are wearing but can’t see his own. They are told that there different colors of hats.

The master logician explains that a bell will be rung at regular intervals and the moment when a logician knows the color of his hat, he will leave on the next bell. If anyone leaves at the wrong bell, he will be disqualified and sent home.

All of them are assured of one thing that the puzzle will not be impossible for anyone of them. How will they manage the situation?

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Interview Balls Puzzle

In a closed jar, there are three strawberry candies, two mango candies and five pineapple candies. You can't see inside the jar. Now, how many toffees you must take out from the jar to make sure that you have one of each flavor?

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Spatial Trivia Physics Puzzle

As shown in picture, there are four gears with the following specification
* Gear A has 60 teeth
* Gear B has 40 teeth
* Gear C has 20 teeth
* Gear D has 60 teeth
* Every minute, Gear B makes 15 complete turns.

What is the relative speed of Gear A and Gear B?

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Candle Trick Teaser Problem

Husband has prepared for a candle light dinner on the honeymoon for his wife. While they were having the dinner, a strong breeze flew through the open window and four candles out of ten were extinguished. After that, the husband closed the window.

How many candles were left in the end?

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Induction Brain Teasers

Three college toppers are summoned by the inspecting faculty. To identify the best from them, the faculty takes them into a room and places one hat on each of their heads. Now all of them can see the hats on other’s heads but can’t see his own. There are two colored hats – green and red.

Now the faculty announces that he had made sure that the competition is extremely fair to all three of them. He also gives them a hint that at least one of them is wearing a red hat. Now the first one who is able to deduce his own hat color will be awarded the most intelligent student of all award. After a few minutes, one of them raises his hand and is able to deduce the color correctly.


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Fake Coin Brain Teaser

In front of you, there are 9 coins. They all look absolutely identical, but one of the coins is fake. However, you know that the fake coin is lighter than the rest, and in front of you is a balance scale. What is the least number of weightings you can use to find the counterfeit coin?

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