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Organization : Kofax
Position : Software Engineer

Kofax Interview Process

I applied at Kofax for the post of Software Engineer through my university. I was interviewed at Kofax in 2014 and the entire process took a day. There was a written test, a technical interview and a HR interview in the interview process at Kofax.

Round 1 - Written Test
The written test comprised of technical questions, aptitude questions and English language based questions. The technical questions were pretty basic and require only a brief studying. The aptitude questions were time taking and the language questions were easy. The test was completed by me within the given time. Many students were excluded from going to the technical interview.

Round 2 - Technical Interview
I was one of those who got selected for the technical round. First of all, the resume was checked by the interviewers. There were two interviewers. After a brief reading of the resume, they were already impressed. So the interview began with the projects that I had mentioned in the resume. Since they were authentic, I was able to reply to every questions. They also asked me about the problems that I faced while doing the projects. After that a few C++ based questions were asked too. Nothing was unexpected and the difficulty level was easy.
Q1. Differentiate between C and C++.
Q2. What are linkages? Tell the types of linkages.

Round 3 - HR Interview
My resume was read even in this round. And even the HR was impressed. I felt glad that I was serious in my college. Then, I was asked about myself a few questions. I was asked why I was interested in working for their company. I was asked my goals and if this was the profession I would spend my entire life confined in or I had other dreams as well. This was a different questions but I was able to answer something.

After this interview, I was given the offer and since it was a campus placement, there was no room for negotiations.

How to crack Kofax Interview

One thing that I learnt during the interview at Kofax was that if you have a nice resume, they will probably like you and keep you. By nice resume I mean, you should have some good projects mentioned there which tells that you have been serious for y our career. You will feel that if they are impressed with your resume, they will certainly ease down upon you and moreover, most of the questions will then be based on those projects which will be easy to answer since you did them yourself.

Other than that, a few C++ based questions were asked too. The level was basic and nothing out of the box was asked. They know you are fresher and they treat you like that which is the best part about their hiring process.

No negotiations are possible if you are on a campus placement. I don't know otherwise. All the best for your interviews.

Thanks Anmol for sharing the details of your interview.
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You need to be a detective and need to find the thief in the puzzle below?

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Interview Marble Logic Puzzle

You are given a set of scales and 12 marbles. The scales are of the old balance variety. That is, a small dish hangs from each end of a rod that is balanced in the middle. The device enables you to conclude either that the contents of the dishes weigh the same or that the dish that falls lower has heavier contents than the other.
The 12 marbles appear to be identical. In fact, 11 of them are identical, and one is of a different weight. Your task is to identify the unusual marble and discard it. You are allowed to use the scales three times if you wish, but no more.

Note that the unusual marble may be heavier or lighter than the others. You are asked to both identify it and determine whether it is heavy or light.

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Interview Balls Puzzle

In a closed jar, there are three strawberry candies, two mango candies and five pineapple candies. You can't see inside the jar. Now, how many toffees you must take out from the jar to make sure that you have one of each flavor?

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Famous Water Jug Problem

You live in Dubai and had an infinite supply of oil and a 5 liters and 3 liters jar,
how would you measure exactly 4 liters (of-course in minimum numbers of step) ?

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Whats The Temperature Rebus

Below rebus represents the current Temperature.


What is the current Temperature ?

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Tough Two Jug Measuring Puzzle

I got two jugs of
A) 11 liter
B) 6 liter

How can I measure exactly 9 liters ?

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Classic Lateral Thinking Problem

There are two glasses in front of you. One of the glasses is full of coke and the other glass is full of lemonade. You take a spoonful of coke and mix it into the glass of lemonade. Now the lemonade glass has a mixture of coke and lemonade. You take a spoonful of that mixture and mix it inside the coke glass.

Now what do you think? - The glass with coke has more quantity of lemonade or the glass with lemonade have more quantity of coke mixed with it?

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Decipher MatchSticks Puzzle

Can you decipher the two rows to find the hidden word?

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3 Gallon Brain Teaser

You have been given three jars of 3 liters, 5 liters and 8 liters capacity out of which the 8 liters jar is filled completely with water. Now you have to use these three jars to divide the water into two parts of 4 liters each.

How can you do it making the least amount of transfers?

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Maths Magic Riddle

I can prove why 1 = 2

Step1. Lets say y = x
Step2. Multiply through by x xy = x2
Step3. Subtract y2 from each side xy - y2 = x2 - y2
Step4. Factor each side y(x-y) = (x+y)(x-y)
Step5. Divide both sides by (x-y) y = x+y
Step6. Divide both sides by y y/y = x/y + y/y
Step7. And so... 1 = x/y + 1
Step8. Since x=y, x/y = 1 1 = 1 + 1
Step9. And so... 1 = 2

How is this possible ?

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