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Interview Process   |   Interview Puzzles / Aptitude
Organization : Infogain
Position : Software Developer
I gave the interview in October end and it comprise of three different rounds in total. I am mentioning the details below:

First Round: Written Round
The total time given for this round was 70 minutes. There were three different sections in this written test:
  • 10 English Questions

  • 30 Questions of Quant

  • 20 technical questions

  • The English questions were easy for me and the most difficult ones were the technical questions. It consisted of some tricky c/c++ questions and sql related questions. Watch out for the time as you may run short of that.

    Second Round: HR Interview
    The HR interview round consisted of two different parts.

    ===Casual HR Questions===
  • A brief information about yourself

  • Your strength and weakness

  • What do you do to overcome your weakness?

  • Tell me your thoughts about Infogain

  • Where do you see yourself after 5-6 years

  • ===Tehnical Questions and Aptitude Questions====
  • A reasoning aptitude problem

  • Difference between struts1 and struts2

  • Sorting arrays

  • Pattern

  • Any five OS

  • Third Round: Technical Round
    This was the most difficult round and I had a hard time answering the questions. I am mentioning some of the questions I remember:
  • Program to find duplicate number from array in minimum time complexity.

  • String Handling

  • WAP to show polymorphism

  • Overall, the interview was not too hard but it was not easy either. You must prepare well as the technical round can be a difficult one to crack.

    Thanks Anmol for sharing the details of your interview.
    Send more details and your personal experiences info@gpuzzles.com
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    Popular Logical Brain Teaser

    A couple had to take shelter in a hotel for they could not proceed their journey in the rain. Having nothing to do at all, they started playing cards. Suddenly there was a short circuit and the lights went off. The husband inverted the position of 15 cards in the deck (52 cards normal deck) and shuffled the deck.

    Now he asked his wife to divide the deck into two different piles which may not be equal but both of them should have equal number of cards facing up. There was no source of light in the room and the wife was unable to see the cards.

    For a certain amount of time, she thought and then divided the cards in two piles. To the husband’s astonishment, both of the piles had equal number of cards facing up.

    How did she do it?

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    Logic Math Problem

    David and Albert are playing a game. There are digits from 1 to 9. The catch is that each one of them has to cut one digit and add it to his respective sum. The one who is able to obtain a sum of exact 15 will win the game?

    You are a friend of David. Do you suggest him to play first or second?

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    Measure Water Supply Brain Teaser

    You had an infinite supply of water and a 5 ml and 3 ml gallons.

    How would you measure exactly 4 ml in least number of steps ?

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    Popular Deductive Logic Problem

    Eight Brothers lives in an old house where there is no electricity and no computers or any any other gadget.

    Brother-1: Reading Comics
    Brother-2: Playing Chess
    Brother-3: Writing
    Brother-4: making food for the family
    Brother-5: sleeping and snoring
    Brother-6: cleaning house
    Brother-7: watering the plants

    what is Brother-8 doing ?

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    Classic Lateral Thinking Problem

    There are two glasses in front of you. One of the glasses is full of coke and the other glass is full of lemonade. You take a spoonful of coke and mix it into the glass of lemonade. Now the lemonade glass has a mixture of coke and lemonade. You take a spoonful of that mixture and mix it inside the coke glass.

    Now what do you think? - The glass with coke has more quantity of lemonade or the glass with lemonade have more quantity of coke mixed with it?

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    IAS Interview Problem

    I need to divide numbers from 1 to 9 into two group such that sum of numbers in one group is equal to the sum of other group.
    Note : 6 cannot be flipped over to make it 9.

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    Tough River Crossing Riddle

    This one is a bit of tricky river crossing puzzle than you might have solved till now. We have a whole family out on a picnic on one side of the river. The family includes Mother and Father, two sons, two daughters, a maid and a dog. The bridge broke down and all they have is a boat that can take them towards the other side of the river. But there is a condition with the boat. It can hold just two persons at one time (count the dog as one person).

    No it does not limit to that and there are other complications. The dog can’t be left without the maid or it will bite the family members. The father can’t be left with daughters without the mother and in the same manner, the mother can’t be left alone with the sons without the father. Also an adult is needed to drive the boat and it can’t drive by itself.

    How will all of them reach the other side of the river?

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    Hard Logic Brain Teaser

    There are 100 doors. 100 strangers have been gathered in the adjacent room. The first one goes and opens every door. The second one goes and shuts down all the even numbered doors – second, fourth, sixth... and so on. The third one goes and reverses the current position of every third door (third, sixth, ninth… and so on.) i.e. if the door is open, he shuts it and if the door is shut, he switches opens it. All the 100 strangers progresses in the similar fashion.

    After the last person has done what he wanted, which doors will be left open and which ones will be shut at the end?

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    Logic Birthday Puzzle

    For my anniversary, I decided to surprise my wife. Since she is a voracious reader, I decided to collect a lot of books for her. On the first day of the month, I bought one book, on the second, I bought two and on the third, I bought three. This process went on till the anniversary and on the day, I had 276 books with me to gift her.

    Can you calculate, on which day is our anniversary?

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    Fake Coin Brain Teaser

    In front of you, there are 9 coins. They all look absolutely identical, but one of the coins is fake. However, you know that the fake coin is lighter than the rest, and in front of you is a balance scale. What is the least number of weightings you can use to find the counterfeit coin?

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