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Google Interview Puzzles have been brought to you by GPuzzles.Com. The idea behind this post is to prepare students for the Interview Questions in Google.

A Basic info about the company:
Google is an American conglomerate firm concentrating in Internet-related services and products. These include search, cloud computing, software, and online advertising technologies. Most of its profits are derived from AdWords.

The following Google Interview Puzzles will help you enhance your skills and will offer you better confidence while giving the interview.

Google Interview Puzzle - Aptitude #1 - Warden and Prisoners Interview Question

Difficulty Popularity

23 selected prisoners are summoned by the warden. He gives them a choice of playing a game with him that might ensure their escape from the prison or might as well lead them towards painful death. The prisoners think that this is the only chance for them to be free again and agrees to him.

The warden tell them that there is a room which has just two switches which are labelled 1 or 2. The switches may be up or down and the condition is not known at present. They are not connected to anything. The warden may select any prisoner on any day and send him to the switch room. The prisoner will have to select any one switch and reverse its position i.e. if it is up, he will turn it down and if it is down, he will turn it up. He can and must only flip one switch and then he will be confined to his cell again.

The warden may choose the same prisoner more than one time and he will be choosing completely randomly. But at a certain point of time, everyone will have visited the switch room. And at any time, the prisoners may declare that everyone has visited the room at least once. If they will be true, they will be set free but if they will be wrong, they will be killed.

The warden gives them an hour to plan any kind of strategy and then they will be confined to their respective cells and will never be allowed to meet. What strategy can help them be free?

Google Interview Puzzle - Aptitude #2 - Two Eggs Interview Problem

Difficulty Popularity

Eggs have quite a unique property. They may be extremely fragile that they may break by mere a drop from your hand. However, they may not break even if they are dropped from the 100th floor. That is exactly what you have in this problem. You have two identical eggs and you have access to a 100 story building.

The question is how many drops you will make before you can find out the highest possible floor of the building from which the egg can be dropped without breaking. Remember you only have two eggs to break.

Google Interview Puzzle - Aptitude #3 - Fastest Horse Interview Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

You are provided with twenty five different horses and you must find out who are the fastest horses. You can conduct a race of five horses only at one time. There is no point in the race where you can find out the actual speed of a horse in a race.

How many races will it take to help you determine the fastest three horses?

Google Interview Puzzle - Aptitude #4 - Nine Hats Interview Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

Nine brilliant most students were summoned by an inspecting professor. He gave them a situation and told them that he is having nine hats. The hats are either red colored or blue colored as told by the professor. He also tells them that he have at least one red colored hat and the number of blue hats are greater than the red hats.

He places one hat on each of their heads. The students are not allowed to talk with each other and no means of communication is feasible. He asks them how many hats are blue and how many are red. He gives them half an hour to deduce and moves out of the room. Nobody is able to answer when he returns back and thus he gives them another fifteen minutes. But when he returns, no one can answer again. Thus he gives them final five minutes. On returning back this time, everyone was available with an accurate answer.

How could the students have deduced the right answer? What is the right answer?

Google Interview Puzzle - Aptitude #5 - Empire State Building Interview Question

Difficulty Popularity

If you are offered a stack of pennies as tall as the Empire State Building will you be able to fit them in a normal room?

Google Interview Puzzle - Aptitude #6 - Complete the Equation Interview Problem

Difficulty Popularity

In the following equation, add any standard arithmetic signs to make it true.
3 1 3 6 = 8

Google Interview Puzzle - Aptitude #7 - Series Interview Problem

Difficulty Popularity

Complete the following sequence
1, 11, 21, 1211, 111221, __?

Google Interview Puzzle - Aptitude #8 - Monty Hall Interview Problem

Difficulty Popularity

Sarah and Michael are a loving couple. One night Sarah playfully places three identical boxes on a table in front of Michael. Out of the three boxes, one contains a pearl and other two are empty. Michael is then allowed to pick any one of them. Now between the two boxes that remain on the table, at least one is empty. Sarah removes one empty box from the table. Now Michael must choose from the box he picked or the box on the table.

What box should Michael choose?

Google Interview Puzzle - Aptitude #9 - Hands of Clock Interview Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

Can you determine how many times do the minute and hour hands of a clock overlap in a day?

Google Interview Puzzle - Aptitude #10 - Warm Up Interview Question

Difficulty Popularity

A man pushed his car into a hotel and lost all of his fortune. How can this be possible?

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