CGI Group Inc. Interview Puzzles have been presented to you by GPuzzles.Com. The purpose of this post is to make the students (preparing for the interview) cognizant of the structure of Interview Questions in CGI Group Inc.

A Basic info about the company:
CGI Group Inc. is a conglomerate information technology (IT) consulting, systems integration, outsourcing, and solutions company headquartered in Montreal, Canada. It was founded in 1976 by Serge Godin, André Imbeau, and Jean Brassard. In August 2012, CGI acquired the British IT services company Logica for $2.7 billion Canadian, making it the fifth-largest independent IT services provider in the world.

The following CGI Group Inc Interview Puzzles/Questions will enable the students to practice and be more confident while giving the interview.
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CGI Group Inc Interview Puzzle - Aptitude #1 - Monty Hall Interview Problem

Difficulty Popularity

Sarah and Michael are a loving couple. One night Sarah playfully places three identical boxes on a table in front of Michael. Out of the three boxes, one contains a pearl and other two are empty. Michael is then allowed to pick any one of them. Now between the two boxes that remain on the table, at least one is empty. Sarah removes one empty box from the table. Now Michael must choose from the box he picked or the box on the table.

What box should Michael choose?

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CGI Group Inc Interview Puzzle - Aptitude #2 - Fastest Horse Interview Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

You are provided with twenty five different horses and you must find out who are the fastest horses. You can conduct a race of five horses only at one time. There is no point in the race where you can find out the actual speed of a horse in a race.

How many races will it take to help you determine the fastest three horses?

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CGI Group Inc Interview Puzzle - Aptitude #3 - Intel Clock Interview Question

Difficulty Popularity

Can you find out the angle between the minute hand and the hour hand at 3:15 on an analog clock? Think hard and then come to a conclusion.

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CGI Group Inc Interview Puzzle - Aptitude #4 - Popular Logic Interview Problem

Difficulty Popularity

A box contains seven purple, five blue and eleven yellow balls.

What is the minimum number of tries required to get one blue and one yellow ball ?

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CGI Group Inc Interview Puzzle - Aptitude #5 - Hands of Clock Interview Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

Can you determine how many times do the minute and hour hands of a clock overlap in a day?

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CGI Group Inc Interview Puzzle - Aptitude #6 - Prison Interview Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

Once in a prison with 100 prisoners, the Warden introduces a strange but interesting challenge to all the prisoners. This challenge can even grant them the freedom and thus every one of the prisoners becomes quite excited.

The warden selects one prisoner everyday randomly from the lot and moves him into a pitch black room with a bulb and a witch that controls the bulb. The prisoner can carry out three different actions in the room - He can switch on the bulb, switch it off or do nothing and sit idle. A prisoner can be picked up more than one time.

Now the warden introduces the twist in the challenge. He tells them that the prisoners can put a stop to the process any day they feel that every one of them has been confined to that room at least once. If the prisoners are correct, then every single one of them will be set free. But if they have put up a wrong judgment, all of them will be killed.

Seeking it to be the only chance of freedom, the prisoners take up the challenge. They are given some time to discuss regarding it before the process could begin. How will they plan things so that they are finally set free?

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CGI Group Inc Interview Puzzle - Aptitude #7 - Colliding Trains Interview Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

A train is moving from station A to station B at 15 mph. Another train is moving in the opposite direction from station B to A at a speed of 20mph. A vulture is flying from Station A to station B at 25 mph. When the vulture reaches at the train moving from Station B to A, it starts flying back and flies at the same speed till it reaches the train moving from station A to B and starts flying in the reverse direction again. The vulture keeps flying to and fro till both the trains collide with each other.

What is the total distance that is traveled by the vulture?

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CGI Group Inc Interview Puzzle - Aptitude #8 - Mislabeled Candy Boxes Interview Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

A new company has launched a range of juicy candies. There are two flavors of which these juice candies will be available for retail - Peach and Grape. The toffees are packed in three different boxes with one containing peach candies, one containing grape candies and one containing a mixture of both. It is informed that the packaging person has accidentally mislabeled all the three boxes.

If you are asked to label them correctly, how many candies will you have to pick and from which jar in order to label every box correctly?

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CGI Group Inc Interview Puzzle - Aptitude #9 - Multiple Questions Intervie Problem

Difficulty Popularity

James Franco has three children - Uma, Ryan and Sheldon. Sheldon is married to Rachel, the eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Myers. Mr. Myers married their youngest daughter to the eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Smith and they had two children Sylvester and Sia. Mr. Myers have two more children, Ryder and Briana, both elder to Shyla. Sucre and Sylar are sons of Sheldon and Roma. Linda is the daughter of Sylvester.

1. How is Mrs. Myers related to Sheldon?
a) Aunt
b) Mother-in-law
c) Mother
d) Sister-in-law

2. What is the surname of Sucre?
a) Smith
b) Myers
c) Franco
d) Ryan

3. What is the surname of Linda?
a) Smith
b) Myers
c) Mishra
d) None of these

4. How is Sylar related to Roma's father?
a) Son-in-law
b) Cousin
c) Son
d) Grandson

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CGI Group Inc Interview Puzzle - Aptitude #10 - Valentine Day Interview Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

Price of a chocolate box is reduce by 30 percent for a valentine day offer. By what percentage should the price be increased to make it 100 percent?

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