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Broadsoft Interview Puzzle #1 - Tricky Probability Interview Puzzle

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Rihanna puts 9 pairs of blue socks and 8 pairs of grey socks in a drawer. She picks up 3 socks. Calculate the probability that she will pick up a pair of blue socks?

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Broadsoft Interview Puzzle #2 - Nine Hats Interview Puzzle

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Nine brilliant most students were summoned by an inspecting professor. He gave them a situation and told them that he is having nine hats. The hats are either red colored or blue colored as told by the professor. He also tells them that he have at least one red colored hat and the number of blue hats are greater than the red hats.

He places one hat on each of their heads. The students are not allowed to talk with each other and no means of communication is feasible. He asks them how many hats are blue and how many are red. He gives them half an hour to deduce and moves out of the room. Nobody is able to answer when he returns back and thus he gives them another fifteen minutes. But when he returns, no one can answer again. Thus he gives them final five minutes. On returning back this time, everyone was available with an accurate answer.

How could the students have deduced the right answer? What is the right answer?

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Broadsoft Interview Puzzle #3 - Alien Invasion Interview Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

An alien force has invaded the realms of the earth. All they plan is the destruction of the entire planet. However, they have given humans a chance. They picks up ten intelligent most humans (you are one of them) and take them in a pitch black room. There is nothing you can see in the total darkness. The aliens place a hat on every human. The hats are of two colors - pink and green. After they place all the hats, the lights are turned on.

You are not allowed to see your own hat. The circulation of the hat is totally random with any kind of possible combination. The aliens start from the back and ask, "What is the color of hat you are wearing?" Everyone is allowed to hear the answer. If he gives the correct answer, he will be allowed to live and save the people but if he gives the wrong answer, he will be killed mercilessly and the people you represent will be killed.

What will you do to save as many lives as you can?

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Broadsoft Interview Puzzle #4 - Mislabeled Candy Boxes Interview Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

A new company has launched a range of juicy candies. There are two flavors of which these juice candies will be available for retail - Peach and Grape. The toffees are packed in three different boxes with one containing peach candies, one containing grape candies and one containing a mixture of both. It is informed that the packaging person has accidentally mislabeled all the three boxes.

If you are asked to label them correctly, how many candies will you have to pick and from which jar in order to label every box correctly?

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Broadsoft Interview Puzzle #5 - Popular Age Interview Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

Anna is two years elder than Bella who is twice as old as Camilla. If the sum of their ages is 27, Find out the age of Bella.

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