Trippy Illusions are those illusions which force your eyes to perceive a static two dimensional image as moving, vibrating or reacting to the motion of your eyes. Such kind of illusions are clearly not meant for everybody. The reason is that they might give you a headache or even encourage nausea. Some of the people are more sensitive to such illusions than the other. So our advice would be to just look at a couple of them and then decide whether to watch more or not. Brace yourselves as some amazing trippy optical illusions are coming your way right away.

Trippy Optical Illusions #1 - Trippy Balls

This illusion lies on the upper scale of trippy factor. You might be able to perceive many motions within the same picture depending on how it strikes your mind. You might see waves moving and you might see the balls rotating. You might even be able to experience both at the same time. If that is the case, you will agree to the fact that this is one of finest thing in black and white that can produce such a trippy effect.

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Trippy Optical Illusions #2 - Weird Triangle

If you look in the center region of this image, you will see that the things are moving endlessly. The lines appear to be flickering and it won't stop. We assure you that it is a plain image file with no in built animations. The way the pattern has been put together creates a virtual animation effect that is perceived by our eyes. Did you enjoy this illusion? Do not forget to share it with your friends.

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Trippy Optical Illusions #3 - Trippy Spiral Down Pattern

Before you stare this illusion for long, we must warn you that this falls under a category of extremely trippy illusions. The moment you look at it, you can feel the pattern spiraling down and the rest especially the portion between the corners and the center to be quite trippy. If you want to enhance the effect, try moving your eyes randomly over the pattern and you will find things worse. Do not stare this illusion for long as it is capable of giving you a headache and churning stomach.

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Trippy Optical Illusions #4 - Trippy Checkers Pattern

This is an old trick. Even you can create this pattern. But first of all, what do you feel while looking at the illusion. Stare at the center of the image and then move your eyes to the surrounding areas and you will feel the pattern to be moving and it is actually quite trippy. It won't stop until you look away or close the tab. The trick if you want to create one yourself is to stretch the tiny square as you move out of the center. Give it a try and tell us if you were able to achieve it.

category : TRIPPY

Trippy Optical Illusions #5 - Trippy Donut

It seems like this image will never stop. There is no animation included. But the opposite spiral pattern on the donut shape and the background keeps contradicting with each other and thus reproduce and output that is received by our eyes as motion. If you can't notice anything, try to scroll the page up and down while looking at it. You can try another thing. If you save this image on your desktop, you can open it separately and try to zoom in and out while staring at it. Do tell us if you felt anything.

category : TRIPPY

Trippy Optical Illusions #6 - Trippy Fan Pattern

Why do we call this a trippy fan pattern? If you notice in the center, you will notice a distinct shape that appears to be in the shape of a fan or the flower petals. Do you feel that it is moving? Keep staring for some time and you might feel it to be actually rotating. The reason is the background and the fact that the shape has been taken out from the same background with a slightly beveled nature. It is perfectly fine if you are not able to see it rotate. Not all people can experience this illusion.

category : TRIPPY

Trippy Optical Illusions #7 - Trippy Flickr

Now this is a simple image. It's almost like spokes in the flags. The only difference is that the spokes become pointed at the center making several isosceles triangles that join at the center. You might not able to feel anything. But if you just scroll this page up and down while looking at the image, you will feel the motion and then if you keep doing it, it will be extremely trippy for viewing. Stop whenever you feel that it's not going well with your brain and you are feeling awkward or sick.

category : TRIPPY

Trippy Optical Illusions #8 - Trippy Flower Bed

There is no movement in this image. Obviously it is not a gif but in certain images, you experience motion within the still images. This is not one of them. But the pattern has been made in a manner that if you move your eyes through it, you feel high. It's not a big deal if you even develop a heavy head within a minute. So proceed with caution and at your own risk. Whoever designed this image has turned out to be extremely good.

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Trippy Optical Illusions #9 - Imaginary Tunnel

Today, we have brought you an illusion that will take y our breath away. This illusion can explain the true nature of physiological illusions accurately. If you look at the image below (which might appear to be a bit trippy), you will find that a tunnel or a hall with pillars has been formed using black and white colored stripes. But what if we tell you that they are just plain 2d colors which have been used in a particular pattern or manner that it gives you an illusion that you are looking at a tunnel or hall. This is exactly how two plain colors can play with our mind by simulating information that is not correct at all.

Trippy Optical Illusions #10 - Spiraling Dots

Before you move forward to look at the illusion with concentration, we would like to warn you that it can also be categorized under trippy illusions, so proceed with caution if you are prone to nausea while concentrating at such images for long. Now, if you see this image, you can find the dots spiraling down towards the center. So what is responsible for this illusion? If you look closely, the dots are drawn in a spiral form. The size is decreasing as you go down. Also, contrasted shades has been used. Together they combine to give the final result that you are perceiving in the image.

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