Some illusions might not be as simple as they appear. In plain and simple words, we describe them as tricky illusions. Now, you might not be able to understand the term properly but if you want too, you can just scroll down to see a couple of these illusions and then you will become familiar with the term. Remember that these are not all as we keep updating them sooner than you can think of.

Tricky Optical Illusions #1 - Water Wall

Have you ever seen a wall made up of water? If no then have a look. Danish artist Jeppe Hein has created one such piece of art. The triangular structure is made of two-spyglass mirror and wall of water. The wall of water is created, by sensor drops when people are extremely close to it. Once you enter the flow picks up and the wall is created. People can look outside the triangle through the two-way mirrors and also reflect each other, the water, the visitors, and the surroundings, causing everything to seem to visually dissolve.

Tricky Optical Illusions #2 - Floating Tap

This image is bound to generate curiosity in every mind. "How is this possible?" is the question which crops up in mind after seeing this. This marvelous illusion is created with the help of a hidden pipe under the stream of water. This whole structure stands on it. While supporting the structure, the pipe also serves as water carrier.

Tricky Optical Illusions #3 - Partly Invisible Girl

We are sure you must have seen this illusion somewhere on the social media. It had gained much popularity recently. Well it looks so impressive but let us break down the secret of invisible girl for you. What the girl is doing is no magic. She is merely holding a mirror in her hands. The mirror is reflecting the grass in front of the girl. The trick of this illusion is just to find an open green land. Well yes can do it almost anywhere but doesn't the green color makes it more impressive? Do not forget to send us your own created illusions when you try this.

Tricky Optical Illusions #4 - Different length of Lines

There are two different sections of the picture that has been attached here. You can see two different lines. Which line is bigger? Of course you will say that the right one is bigger. However, you can go ahead with your measurement scale and check yourself. It is amazing right? The left image has convex lines at both ends which are decreasing the surrounding area whereas the right image has concave lines increasing the surrounding area. This is the reason behind why the two lines appear to be of different lengths however in reality they are same.

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Tricky Optical Illusions #5 - Astonishing Chess Pieces

We have something for you that will leave you completely shocked. Now this illusion can be a bit tricky and you will have to understand first before trying it. We are telling you that the two set of chess pieces that you see in the image below are of exactly same gradient. Don't be so fast to mock at us. Now if you want to prove it, just open the image in any image editing software. Now carefully pick up any spot in the first image of any chess piece. Check at the same spot in the second image and you will agree with the fact that they certainly are of same gradient.

Tricky Optical Illusions #6 - Liu Bolin Disappearing Act

Liu Bolin is an extremely famous illusionist popular for his disappearing illusions. The man's talent is unparalleled for sure. If you don't believe us, just look at the attached picture. At the first look most of the people will fail to recognize that there is a man standing in the picture. Liu paints himself to blend with the background efficiently. He is popularly known as the Vanishing Artist. This picture is taken at a supermarket in Beijing.

Tricky Optical Illusions #7 - Rock Climbing

How many of you were able to recognize that it was just an illusion in the first go? You have an amazing observation if you were able to. This man is actually lying over the floor and the camera is places so beautifully with a perfect camera angle that it appears that he is actually climbing a rock. The expressions add up to the illusion. But look at the arm with no muscles tensed. Look at how his body is pulled by the ground due to gravity.

Tricky Optical Illusions #8 - Amazing Dog with Wings

Sometimes, all you need to create a perfect outdoor illusion is a camera ready to snap a picture at the right moment. In the attached illusion, you can say the same. It is an extremely popular outdoor illusion that you might have seen in so many social media sites and circulating picture messages in the messengers. But yes, if the person who clicked it had not used this camera angle at the right moment, this illusion would have failed. So now, you can see a normal dog with wings on the beach. How cool a sight.

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Tricky Optical Illusions #9 - Popular Ikemath's Impossible Pillars

The first thing to notice in this illusion is the placement of the watch along with the figure. What does it tell? Certainly it has been kept there to tell us that this illusion is created in real world and thus is pretty possible even though it looks so impossible. But how? To know that we must have the access of the object itself. It is a particular camera angle that makes it appear in this manner. What if we chose another camera angle?

Tricky Optical Illusions #10 - Words in a Pyramid

Read what is written in the pyramid aloud. Do you find any mistake? Read it again if you don't.

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