Illusions are really fun. They serve you great whenever you want to have a little fun over the internet. Of course, you have to browse through various sites to find some amazing illusions that blow your mind away. Now that is a time taking process and really tedious. Just to facilitate you, we have collected some really amazing illusions for you in this list so you can hop in to find the best without searching endlessly. Have fun.

Amazing Optical Illusions #1 - Water Wall

Have you ever seen a wall made up of water? If no then have a look. Danish artist Jeppe Hein has created one such piece of art. The triangular structure is made of two-spyglass mirror and wall of water. The wall of water is created, by sensor drops when people are extremely close to it. Once you enter the flow picks up and the wall is created. People can look outside the triangle through the two-way mirrors and also reflect each other, the water, the visitors, and the surroundings, causing everything to seem to visually dissolve.

Amazing Optical Illusions #2 - Giant Killer Gun Sketch

This is really amazing. Unbelievable! This artist has some real talent and the fact that we are blown over by his skills is the proof of it. The huge gun appears to be coming right through the canvas to kill him. It feels like it was sketched on a three dimensional plane although it is just a two dimensional sketch. Another interesting part of this sketch is the bird that seems to have been tied to his hand. It symbolizes the fact that he needs peace. It is great that artists can add the symbolism and metaphors to their art that are supposed to just blow away our mind.

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Amazing Optical Illusions #3 - Live Landscape

This is a unique illusion in every way. Seeing from here it feels like the frame is hollow from the middle. Of course that is not the case or we had not posted it here. He is actually painting on the canvas what is right in front of him. The painting is so realistic and the proportions are so accurate that it looks like a part of the real surrounding. It has been done beautifully and he is still giving the finishing touches in this snap. These kind of realistic real life paintings are one of a kind. If you loved the illusions, don't forget to share.

category : AMAZING | ART

Amazing Optical Illusions #4 - Mind Blowing Artifice Painting

This is an absolute masterpiece. Of course you will be able to see two different things and situations in this painting. The first one is the portrait which is quite clear. But what helped in making the portrait? The other picture/situation is of a girl standing and awaiting the approaching train. Her hair have been used to form the eyes of the portrait, her arm the nose, the folds of her dress as the mouth and beard. Just look at the ear of the portrait. You will find a street lamp and a person. The steam emerging from the train form the hair of the portrait. Amazing right? Definitely it is.

category : AMAZING | ART

Amazing Optical Illusions #5 - Hungry Shark inside Elevator

This is what you call an amazing and mind blowing optical illusion. So, it seems like there is no floor inside the elevator and the ground has been filled by water which is inhabited by a hungry shark. The art is too realistic and so impressive that one must give a bow to the artist. But look at the guy. He is literally enacting scared and trying to stay away from the shark. We have always been writing that everything counts when you are portraying an illusion. Now this illusion might not have looked so great if this guys was standing there or laughing or even if nobody was inside. So full marks for this illusions. Truly an amazing job by the artist.

category : AMAZING | ART | 3D

Amazing Optical Illusions #6 - Alternate Shadow

Now people can find several metaphors in this picture however, we will not try to bore you with that stuff. It is purely an illusion for us and we will see it like that only. So what's happening is that you can see a bird sitting and wondering something. However the shadow in front of the bird has its wings wide open. So how does it appear so? Well, there is a simple explanation to that. There is a bird flying on the top and the photograph is such greatly timed that it falls right where the shadow of the original bird is overlapping it. This gives birth to the illusion you are seeing right now.

category : AMAZING

Amazing Optical Illusions #7 - Extra Long Hand

This is an example of excellent timing of the photographer. Or sheer luck? Well whatever it was, the picture has come out extremely well. The person standing in the middle appears to have grown an extra-long or mutant hand. So what exactly is happening here? Actually the person standing on his left is also stretching his arm in the same direction. So the wrist and the palm part of the man in the center is hidden behind the man left to him and his arm is stretched in the same direction making it appear like it's a same arm.

category : FUNNY | AMAZING

Amazing Optical Illusions #8 - Mother Nature Tree Illusion

It is often astonishing how Mother Nature crafts using her skillful hands. We have shared a few tree illusions with you so far and this is not much different from them. You can clearly trace a female figure in this picture. The best thing is that the feminine curves are quite evident in this picture making it so much more impressive. The hands and the face are evident too from this angle. A job well done by the one who clicked the picture we must say.

Amazing Optical Illusions #9 - Absolutely Terrifying Room

Look at the picture and if you have acrophobia, you will probably never want to visit this room. This is a marvelous 3D art and the artist who has done it has done a terrific job. It is so real that anyone who walks into this room will surely want to check by keeping just a foot inside first. At this angle of camera, it looks absolutely terrifying. However it will be a pleasure to walk inside and look at it from different angles and probably marvel at the stunning art.

category : AMAZING | ART | 3D

Amazing Optical Illusions #10 - Glowing Edges of Circle

Now this illusion will blow your mind for sure. In the image below, you can see a red circle and a dot inside that circle. Just stare at that dot for some time. You will find the edges glowing with cyan color. No this is not the whole illusion. Just keep staring for a bit more time. Now just move your head back gradually while keeping your eyes on the spot only and you will see that the glow around the circle will increase in size burning with much more intensity.

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