Optical Illusion : White Arrows

In this illusion, you will know how our mind process the missing information and conclude the results. Can you find white arrows in the picture? We are sure you can. But are they really there? Concentrate on the black portion now. That is the actual figure that has been drawn here. However, the blank space is giving you and illusion that the white arrows are there even though they are not present. Probably if the missing pattern was not creating a familiar shape, you would not have felt the same effect.

category : TRICKY


Optical Illusion : Decapitated Head on Beach

Now this outdoor illusion is truly scary. All we see is a body with the head decapitated and kept on the side of the body. But the head is still smiling as if laughing at us because we are truly scared to watch it. No it is because she has managed to fool us. How about if there are two bodies in this illusion? One is lying down and the camera is kept at an angle in which we can't see her head. The other is neck deep in the sand. Surprise right? This is the only possible explanation unless somebody has tried to Photoshop the image.

category : TRICKY

Optical Illusion : Holding Mountain on Head

You are probably going to try this one whenever you visit such a beach in your life. This is the beauty of outdoor illusions. Once you see one, you can easily imitate it yourself. But of course, the one who does it for the first time is surely pretty good at creativity. This person had done it just right. The expressions and the legs make it appear even more real. But yes, the photographer did a good job as well.

Optical Illusion : Man inside Coffee Cup

Now this is a funny one. Especially when you look at the expressions of the man and with a rubber duck sitting at the top of the camera lens with almost same size as that of the man. So what is the trick here? Actually the coffee cup is quite close to the camera lens. The man is however sitting at the other side. His body has been hidden by the cup and the cup appears so large just because of the perspective. This is quite simple to achieve and you can all try at your respective homes.

Optical Illusion : Easy Odd One Out

Can you quickly find out the odd one in the picture?

category : COOL

Optical Illusion : Trippy Fan Pattern

Why do we call this a trippy fan pattern? If you notice in the center, you will notice a distinct shape that appears to be in the shape of a fan or the flower petals. Do you feel that it is moving? Keep staring for some time and you might feel it to be actually rotating. The reason is the background and the fact that the shape has been taken out from the same background with a slightly beveled nature. It is perfectly fine if you are not able to see it rotate. Not all people can experience this illusion.

category : TRIPPY

Optical Illusion : Shrinking Phantom Cross

Now this one is an amazing illusion that can also be categorized under non-animated optical illusions. There are four same looking patterns and between them is a space creating a cross. If you just keep looking or running your eyes here and there in the image, you will feel as if the cross is continuously shrinking. There is no reason it will stop despite of the fact that it is just what our mind is perceiving and not real.

category : COOL | MOVING

Optical Illusion : Tree Trunk Puzzle

What extra would you be able to find in this picture ?

Optical Illusion : Showering the Man with Water

How will you feel if somebody unknown does that to you? Well we will be pretty enraged. But the fact here is that it is not happening in real. Yes you read it right. That person holding the shower is merely watering the plants which are blooming in the back. The person sitting on the bench is sitting ahead from that place. Actually there is the bend on the margin wall and the bench is situated at the inside bend. This makes both the watering guy and the sitting guy in the same line. This is why it appears so.

category : FUNNY

Optical Illusion : Realistic Dog Tag Sketch

You will think that he is holding the chain of the dog tag between his fingers. But then if you look at the dog tag, you will feel that it is a sketch. So what sorcery has the artist done here? Well actually, the whole of the picture you see has been sketched by him. This is the beauty of 3d sketching and we believe that he has done a good job merging the 3d sketching with the basic two dimensional sketch. Also, a bullet appears to be a complementary object along with the main sketch or did he want it to appear tough?

category : ART | 3D

Optical Illusion : Trashing the Sun

Now this man is doing something that probably makes him the most powerful man on the earth. He has literally kept the sun in the mobile dustbin and now he is going to trash the sun. Well that's just how it appears to be. But hands down, it is so impressive that we must applause for the creative mind. The placement, the angle of camera and the perspective, everything is just perfect and makes it so amazing an illusion. Does this illusion stir up your creative minds to create something of your own?

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