Optical Illusion : Tree With Face

Its a example of skillful hands of mother nature.

By looking the photo we may befuddle
"Is it a Tree or a face of a man ?"
"Is it is man made or normal ?"

The tree has had its branches shaped so it takes after a face.
It makes a fascinating picture and makes you consider what this tree would look like with leaves on it.


Optical Illusion : Giant Killer Gun Sketch

This is really amazing. Unbelievable! This artist has some real talent and the fact that we are blown over by his skills is the proof of it. The huge gun appears to be coming right through the canvas to kill him. It feels like it was sketched on a three dimensional plane although it is just a two dimensional sketch. Another interesting part of this sketch is the bird that seems to have been tied to his hand. It symbolizes the fact that he needs peace. It is great that artists can add the symbolism and metaphors to their art that are supposed to just blow away our mind.

category : AMAZING | ART | 3D

Optical Illusion : Elongated Horse

Now either something is extremely abnormal about this horse or this is some special breed we have never seen or even heard of. Jokes apart, it is not a single horse. Yes, that is exactly the truth. There are two horses actually. Since there is a barrier in front, it appears as if there is only one horse stretched abnormally from the center. Of course if you look at this illusion from some other angle, it will appear different than this. Also, if the horse would have raised his head, it would have not appeared like this. So a job well done by the photographer.

category : FUNNY

Optical Illusion : The Chirping Caterpillar

At the first look, you might get confused that it is a focused picture of a caterpillar on a branch of a tree. But look closely, they are birds; European Bee-eaters to be accurate. Don't they8 look super cute cuddled together on a small branch of a tree? It is an amazing job done by the photographer. This camera angle was necessary to create this illusion.

Optical Illusion : Mother Nature Tree Illusion

It is often astonishing how Mother Nature crafts using her skillful hands. We have shared a few tree illusions with you so far and this is not much different from them. You can clearly trace a female figure in this picture. The best thing is that the feminine curves are quite evident in this picture making it so much more impressive. The hands and the face are evident too from this angle. A job well done by the one who clicked the picture we must say.

Optical Illusion : Hidden Face under Pebbles

This picture appears to be a top view of tons of pebbles. It could exist anywhere but what is so special about these pebbles? Can you spot a face in these pebbles? If you look carefully at the center, you will see that the pebbles are forming facial features like eyes, nose and lips clearly and there is a faint hint of the overall outline of a face as well. Now this is clearly a Photoshop edited image but the overall illusion is nice.

category : FACE

Optical Illusion : Natural Apache Head in Mountain

Nature has its own ways of surprising us. She can do it in several different ways. At this particular moment, just look at the attached image and marvel the art of Mother Nature. This famous Apache Head Illusion in the Rocks is present at Ebihens, France. You can explore the same if you visit the place and look at what the different angles have to offer. Do you have any other such mountains or rock illusions to show us? Do share.

Optical Illusion : Beautiful Flowers or Beautiful Face

We are sure that you must have seen similar illusions all over the internet. But we could not help but add this illusion. It is quite simple but at the same time defines the true meaning of ambiguous illusions. But let us clarify that it is an art and not an original picture. Can you perceive both flowers and a face in this picture? We really liked how a butterfly is also added into the picture which is adding details to the perception of the face. Probably without it, the illusion might not have been looked as effective as it is looking now.

Optical Illusion : Simple Rabbit or Duck

This is another simple example of ambiguous illusion. You can even draw it out on a paper for your kid/s. What you have to determine is whether the figure drawn here portrays a rabbit or a duck. It's really funny how some simple strokes of lines are able to play with our mind. You will surly agree with us when we say that this is as simple as it can get when we are talking about an ambiguous illusion.

Optical Illusion : Witch Reading Book

Someone must have done it intentionally. This is because the position of the book is exactly what it should be. It is matching the outline of the real girl's face with the witch's face that is printed on the book's cover. This is the reason why it is creating an illusion that the girl is the witch actually. However, the girl's face is hidden behind the book actually. Now, this is something that you can create yourself as well. Pretty easy right?

category : FUNNY

Optical Illusion : Trippy Flickr

Now this is a simple image. It's almost like spokes in the flags. The only difference is that the spokes become pointed at the center making several isosceles triangles that join at the center. You might not able to feel anything. But if you just scroll this page up and down while looking at the image, you will feel the motion and then if you keep doing it, it will be extremely trippy for viewing. Stop whenever you feel that it's not going well with your brain and you are feeling awkward or sick.

category : TRIPPY

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