Optical Illusion : Skull Mountain

Though the resolution of this image is pretty small, you can still find out the reason we have posted this in our illusion list. In the mountains far ahead, you can clearly see a shape that can be referred to as a skull. The hollow eyes are even creepy adding a whole new impression to the illusion. The third hole below the one we referred as eyes can be taken as the nose. This is absolutely impressive as from a distance this far, it do appears like a skull crafted on the mountains.

category : ANAMORPHIC


Optical Illusion : Cannibal Giant at Beach

Somebody stop this cannibal from eating the pretty lady! Yes we know that all you wanted was to rescue this lady from this man who is all set to eat her up. What a wonderful illusion the photographer has created here. It is surely worth mentioning here. Can somebody clarify it is a real illusion or photoshopped afterwards? If this has done live, then this is really something. It is another example how playful you can be when you visit a beach next time.

Optical Illusion : Sleeping Baby Cloud

Now this is a cute illusion for sure. If you look carefully, you can find the outlining of a little baby lying done in comfort of the nature's arms. Probably nature treats everyone as her child and this illusion can also be seen as a metaphor if you want to enlighten yourself. Otherwise, just take it as an interesting thing. Make sure you click pictures next time you see any shape or figure formed by the clouds. Probably you can even share it with us.

category : ANAMORPHIC

Optical Illusion : Partly Invisible Girl

We are sure you must have seen this illusion somewhere on the social media. It had gained much popularity recently. Well it looks so impressive but let us break down the secret of invisible girl for you. What the girl is doing is no magic. She is merely holding a mirror in her hands. The mirror is reflecting the grass in front of the girl. The trick of this illusion is just to find an open green land. Well yes can do it almost anywhere but doesn't the green color makes it more impressive? Do not forget to send us your own created illusions when you try this.

Optical Illusion : Impossible Fence

Now this is an impressive model of a fence. We are sure you can recognize the paradox here. The two vertical blocks can never be connected by the horizontal blocks in such a manner in real world. But someone has manipulated (or created) this image in an image editing software. From the look of it, it feels somebody has created a 3d model in a 3d software but those software work in real environment. It is difficult to find out how the artist did it but he has done a real good job for sure.

category : IMPOSSIBLE

Optical Illusion : Famous Rotating Circles Wallpaper

While this appear to be an extremely attractive wallpaper, just move your eyes randomly over the image and you will find the circles moving. It's really fun.

category : MOVING

Optical Illusion : Hell in a Shopping Mall

It seems like the underworld has broken loose in this shopping mall. The deadly and creepy creatures of the underworld hell are lurching upwards to the surface to consume the people in the shopping mall. For some reason, it reminded us of the Hellraiser movie series. The creatures look likewise. A pinhead would have completed the picture. Anyhow, the depth is evident in this illusion. Although it does not look realistic and you can easily identify it as an illusion, the depth and creativity is awesome.

category : ART | ANAMORPHIC

Optical Illusion : Creating clouds from Deodorant Bottle

You might have gazed at the clouds so many times. They certainly brighten up the mood on those hot sunny days. Have you ever thought of creating an illusion from the same? The person who clicked this snap is certainly more creative than you if you haven't. It actually looks like he is creating clouds pressing the nozzle of his deodorant bottle. Doesn't it look quite cool as an illusion? But now you have an idea and you can very well do the same to impress your friends.

category : COOL | PERCEPTION

Optical Illusion : Giant Killer Gun Sketch

This is really amazing. Unbelievable! This artist has some real talent and the fact that we are blown over by his skills is the proof of it. The huge gun appears to be coming right through the canvas to kill him. It feels like it was sketched on a three dimensional plane although it is just a two dimensional sketch. Another interesting part of this sketch is the bird that seems to have been tied to his hand. It symbolizes the fact that he needs peace. It is great that artists can add the symbolism and metaphors to their art that are supposed to just blow away our mind.

category : AMAZING | ART | 3D

Optical Illusion : Lifting Sun like Hercules

We know Hercules actually lifted the earth and not the sun. But by the title, we are just implying the strength part here. Of course, this illusion have some flaws and we are telling you that so that you can create an even better illusion yourself. The hands are going inside the body of sun and only if they were a little low in height, it would have looked much more impressive. But still, the creativity is nice and we appreciate the thinking.

Optical Illusion : Hidden Woman Face

Here is another painting optical illusion for guys who love this sub category. What this painting portrays is the grey mountains and warriors. You can see one on the horse and three others. But among all this, there is a face that has been composed using all these elements. If you look carefully you can find where. The whole painting seems to be a portrait once you are able to recognize the face in it. The face is of an old woman. The horse acting as the nose and the horse rider acting as one of the eye. You will be able to trace the entire face now.

category : ART | FACE

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