Optical Illusion : Same Sized Cars

With your first glance at the picture, the first thing that you will perceive is that the cars are of different sizes. But surprisingly, they are of same size. Shocked right? This is purely the play of camera angle and perspective. Just to be sure, you can go check this yourself. Of course, the cars need not to be the same model but almost same in size. Go behind them and see yourself from this particular angle and you will start believing in us more than you do now.

category : ANAMORPHIC


Optical Illusion : Popular Waving Beans

In this illusion, you can find the beans waving like the sea waves. The color combination is a key to the overall effect. It gives the underlying effect of the ocean over which the beans are waving.

Optical Illusion : Look inside Elevator Door

Now this might prove to be a bit scary for so many people. The reason is because you can't expect to see what's hidden inside the elevator door. The outside looks completely normal but wait for the moment when the door opens. The insides will shock anyone definitely. Someone has done a good job in creating this illusion which is capable of surprising anybody. Well there is a little note when the door is closed - 'look inside'. So one can prepare accordingly. But what if you didn't take it seriously?

Optical Illusion : Vanishing Red Dots

This is an interesting illusion that we have categorized under disappearing effect illusions. In the image, you can see so many tiny red dots. What you have to do is pick up any of the red dots. Now, just stare at that dot for some time. What did you notice? If you keep staring for a few seconds, all the other red dots will disappear. Now try the same with another dot. This stands true for every other dot as well.

category : COOL | AMAZING

Optical Illusion : Tree in a Barren Land

Well you can clearly see that the entire land is not barren. But that barren portion when looked from the bird eye view is actually crafting a shape. The shape of a tree in a barren land here is acting like an ironical metaphor. But let's not go into all that stuff for now. Let's just concentrate on this beautiful illusion that is a part of the nature. If you zoom in to the above portion, you can even make out branches making it much more impressive.

Optical Illusion : Hidden Face in Snowy Mountains

This is a beautiful picture of snow covered mountains. Who would not love to spend some time of their vacation right there? But the mountains are hiding a face. Can you spot it? On the left portion of the image, if you look with concentration, you will be able to find it. Moreover, the face is actually a laughing face. The snow portions is also acting as teeth and is giving an illusion that the person is laughing actually.

Optical Illusion : Leaf Coffee Foam Art

This is another simple coffee foam art. But still, it looks pretty neat and professional right? You won't mind to be surprised with it in a cafe right? It's a leaf according to us. But can you perceive it as something else? Do drop in your comments if you can find any other image popping out of this art.

category : ART

Optical Illusion : Hungry Shark inside Elevator

This is what you call an amazing and mind blowing optical illusion. So, it seems like there is no floor inside the elevator and the ground has been filled by water which is inhabited by a hungry shark. The art is too realistic and so impressive that one must give a bow to the artist. But look at the guy. He is literally enacting scared and trying to stay away from the shark. We have always been writing that everything counts when you are portraying an illusion. Now this illusion might not have looked so great if this guys was standing there or laughing or even if nobody was inside. So full marks for this illusions. Truly an amazing job by the artist.

category : AMAZING | ART | 3D

Optical Illusion : Enigmatic Painting

This is a marvelous piece of art. The painting might look simple at the first glance but if you concentrate, you will be awarded with one fine example of ambiguous illusion. What was the first thing you perceived? We are sure that most of you saw the face of an old man. But if you concentrate, you will see a horse rider in the image. Once you can find it, it will be a lot difficult to perceive the old man's face again. Anyways, you can also find a women lying down on the right side of the rider. Also, now you may perceive the white hair as a river flowing down and the dark hair at the right most as trees. Were you able to perceive anything else than that? Do leave in your comments if you were.

category : ART | FACE

Optical Illusion : Funny Cat's Tail

We know it is a little over the limit but there is nothing wrong with this picture. May be if your mind was not in a provocative mood, you would have realized the reality at the first glance itself. Nobody here has edited this image and made it look like that. It is purely a real image. To tell you the truth, it is just this cat's tail. Well, somebody has made him sit on it for sure but that's it. How you perceive this tail is entirely based on the creativity of your mind. Look at him, he's so cute right? Having no idea what is actually happening.

Optical Illusion : Trashing the Sun

Now this man is doing something that probably makes him the most powerful man on the earth. He has literally kept the sun in the mobile dustbin and now he is going to trash the sun. Well that's just how it appears to be. But hands down, it is so impressive that we must applause for the creative mind. The placement, the angle of camera and the perspective, everything is just perfect and makes it so amazing an illusion. Does this illusion stir up your creative minds to create something of your own?

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