Optical Illusion : Paris, Je T'aime Movie Poster

If you are fond of love stories, Paris, Je T'aime is a movie made for you. This is an interesting poster for the movie now. To glorify the true nature of the movie, you can see a red heart but what is it made up of? They are Eifel Towers stacked up in the formation of a heart. Justifies that the movie is based in Paris right? Do you ever wonder how these artist gets these awesome ideas for the movie posters?

category : COOL | ART


Optical Illusion : Same Levelled Balls

If you just concentrate on the two balls, you will feel that they are exactly at the same levels. But if you look at the extreme right, you will find staircase like levels But if the formation is attaining a height, then why it not evident at the ends. Do the steps actually happen to be there or they are just an illusion created by a 3d art? The truth is that such a figure cannot exist in the real world. It happens to give us two information that contradict with each other and thus it can't exist in the real world.

Optical Illusion : Sinister Eye

Now this is just a normal picture taken inside a forest. But through the excellent capture of lens, doesn't the picture appear to be ending in an eye formation? It is kind of creepy when you realize such a thing after you have clicked the picture. We don't know if it was intentional or done deliberately by the photographer after analyzing through naked eyes. But the final result is impressive anyhow.

category : ANAMORPHIC

Optical Illusion : Beautiful Flowers or Beautiful Face

We are sure that you must have seen similar illusions all over the internet. But we could not help but add this illusion. It is quite simple but at the same time defines the true meaning of ambiguous illusions. But let us clarify that it is an art and not an original picture. Can you perceive both flowers and a face in this picture? We really liked how a butterfly is also added into the picture which is adding details to the perception of the face. Probably without it, the illusion might not have been looked as effective as it is looking now.

Optical Illusion : Popular Spiral

How many turns can you count in the spiral?

Optical Illusion : Magical Rainbow in the Sky

This is a simple illusion but we promise you that the result is likely to put a smile on your face. Yeah right that is what some of the illusions are meant for. So, there is an image on rainbow below. If you spot a black dot, you're good to go. Just stare at that black dot concentrating a bit for about twenty five seconds. Now immediately look at the sky. What do you see? You will be able to see a rainbow in the sky if you do it right. Interesting right?

category : COOL

Optical Illusion : Amazing Horizontal Circles Distortion

Are the given two circles horizontal?

Optical Illusion : Holding Mountain on Head

You are probably going to try this one whenever you visit such a beach in your life. This is the beauty of outdoor illusions. Once you see one, you can easily imitate it yourself. But of course, the one who does it for the first time is surely pretty good at creativity. This person had done it just right. The expressions and the legs make it appear even more real. But yes, the photographer did a good job as well.

Optical Illusion : Scary Pumpkin Carving

By all means, this pumpkin looks quite scary. We wonder if anybody is exposed to this sight at night, will he be scared or very scared. Gosh! Look at those fangs. It looks like he is all set to gulp down his next target or may be suck that damn blood from the victim. Other than the scary facial features, the artist has carved the entire pumpkin which is evident from this view of the camera. Most of the people just carve on one front but he has done quite some efforts to do it all the way round and the result is amazing.

category : ART

Optical Illusion : Boat Rowers on Eyelash

This is one of the most unique body paint illusion that we have ever come across. The sheer creativity makes it worth all the praise. Using just two colors and placing the art at a perfect place, the artist has done a commendable job undoubtedly. So fashion divas, what are you waiting for? Probably this illusion can bring upon a new trend. But this is just one of the example. We are wondering about so many other possibilities as well.

Optical Illusion : Hidden Face in the Meadows

This is a painting illusion. An artist has smartly painted out a scene from the meadows. You can see the sheep, the shepherd sitting below a tree, the huts, the grass and the trees. But can you find a face in this picture. It is quite clear as the matter of a fact. The huts are acting as the eyes, the tree as the nose, the shepherd as the moustache and mouth. Brilliant work isn't it? Some artists are able to truly amaze us by their work.

category : TREE | ART | FACE

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