Optical Illusion : Mati Suri Movie Poster

Even we have not heard about this movie but we are sure that B horror movie fans must have. Do drop in your comments for our readers if you have seen this movie or know about it. Let us now concentrate on what we are here for i.e. the illusion created by the poster. We think that the skull is evident in this poster. The beauty about the illusion is how naturally it has been created. The operation room headlights has been used to create most of the skull while the surgeons' heads acts as eyes and imparting the proper shape. A cadaver has been used to form the teeth. It is really awesome right?


Optical Illusion : Young Girl or Old Woman

This is one of the most popular ambiguous illusion. We are sure that you may have seen this somewhere on the web. What you have to decide is whether this is a 1/4th face of a young girl's face or the side view of an old woman. You will easily be able to acknowledge the young girl but if you are facing any problem in perceiving the old woman's face, here is a tip for you. Just try to perceive the neck of the girl as the mouth of the old woman and her ear as old woman's eye. Were you able to see both? Tell us in your comments.

Optical Illusion : Spray Painting Clouds

It is an interesting illusion right? It appears that somebody is actually spray painting the clouds in the blue sky. They seem to be appearing from the tiny nozzle of the spray and spreading into the sky. Well, this is an easy to do thing. You just need a spray bottle and you need to click it with the right alignment to the clouds. Although, we do think that someone used a bit of photoshop to make the cloud lining thin near the nozzle or had a great luck to find them naturally like that. Certainly you can try it sometime?

category : ANAMORPHIC

Optical Illusion : Alien Ears Baby

Before you start thinking that picture has been taken from another planet or this is a devil's child, we would like to clarify that this is just a photobomb. You can see a dog behind the child if you look clearly. The ears are actually of the dog. The position is perfect and that can be due to a perfect timing or the camera angle adjusted specifically to meet the demand. Anyhow, the output is decent and funny.

category : FUNNY

Optical Illusion : Floating Tap

This image is bound to generate curiosity in every mind. "How is this possible?" is the question which crops up in mind after seeing this. This marvelous illusion is created with the help of a hidden pipe under the stream of water. This whole structure stands on it. While supporting the structure, the pipe also serves as water carrier.

Optical Illusion : Absolutely Terrifying Room

Look at the picture and if you have acrophobia, you will probably never want to visit this room. This is a marvelous 3D art and the artist who has done it has done a terrific job. It is so real that anyone who walks into this room will surely want to check by keeping just a foot inside first. At this angle of camera, it looks absolutely terrifying. However it will be a pleasure to walk inside and look at it from different angles and probably marvel at the stunning art.

category : AMAZING | ART | 3D

Optical Illusion : Holding My Own Head

Of course if you add a bit of lighting here in this picture after converting it into a night scene, it will appear to be scary instead of funny. For now, it looks pretty amusing also because of the fact that you already know it is an illusion. So how was this achieved? We are guessing that the head belongs to someone else who is standing in front of the person. The missing head might be hidden inside the pullover. But that's just one explanation. Do you have something other than this? Do make use of the comments if you have found out something else.

category : FUNNY

Optical Illusion : Color Adapting Wave-Lines

This one is a pretty simple illusion and yet it is really promising when you are researching about the color adaptation. You must be seeing different background colors with purple and orange wave-lines right? However we are telling you the fact that they all have a same white background.

category : LOGIC

Optical Illusion : Multi Depth Oil Canvas

What has been painted here is that the girl is sitting on a giant sofa and reading some book. There is a table in front of her that comprises of some more books, a vase, a glove, a fruit and a hand fan. But of course, we can also perceive the face of a man. The border of the sofa appears to be his hair, the armrest as his ears. The vase plant acts as one of his eyes, the hair of the girl as his eyebrows, her arms as his nose and the books and legs as the mouth portion. Well it is not a handsome figure but the face is evident. Another amazing painting illusion right?

category : ART

Optical Illusion : Cloud Trails from Fingers

Seems like these four fingers created those trails in the otherwise clear blue sky. Creative right? Lucky? Yeah maybe. It is difficult to find such cloud line ups. But of course, someone might have digitally modified things to his own interest. Whatever it may be, the output result is impressive and encouraging for the people who like to create such illusions. Probably you will keep it in mind next time you come across such clouds.

category : ANAMORPHIC

Optical Illusion : Kicking the Leaning Tower of Pisa

Someone got real creative with this illusion. We're sure millions of people visit the leaning tower of Pisa. But who would have thought of trying something like this? The lady has either got some real balancing skills or some great guts to stand on her friends support like that. And look at her expression with a leg lifted as if she is kicking the leaning tower of Pisa. The alignment of foot with the tower is just perfect making it even more believable. So next time you are visiting the monument, you must try something like that.

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