Optical Illusion : Lord of War Movie Poster

We are not sure if you have watched this movie or not. It is a good one time watch if you are asking for an opinion on the same. But let us not move into the review and concentrate on Nicholas Cage here. Of course you can see him but you can also see how the figure has been made. They are bullet shells and different sizes and colors of shells have been used to craft a passport size photograph of the actor. This also goes quite well with the theme of the movie. Again, it is an amazing work of art and we appreciate the efforts of the artist.


Optical Illusion : Famous Penrose Triangle

This illusion was created by a mathematician Roger Penrose and became highly popular back in the '50s. It is an impossible object like you can see. It resembles an illusion only from a certain perspective. While two corners of the object follow the normal Euclidean geometry, the third one is connected to two different planes. It can't exist in real life.

Optical Illusion : Creepy Hand from the Jacket

Now the first look at this amazing illusion and you will be left shocked. Of course a guy is sleeping and that is pretty normal. But there is a hand emerging out from the jacket above him. Wait, there is no one who is wearing that jacket and the jacket is just lying there. Probably he only had removed it before sleeping off. Now that is really quite creepy unless until we tell you the truth behind it. The hand is actually of the guy who has folded it down from his pillow and kept it on his head. You can try the same thing yourself. It is just the placement of jacket that is creating this illusion.

category : ANAMORPHIC

Optical Illusion : 3D Paint on Truck

Now this one amazing physiological illusion. There is no doubt that you can feel that it is carrying a giant bottle on its back. But what exactly is happening here is that the truck has been painted. It is amazing how these 3d artists continue to amaze us with their innovative skills. But it looks so real that you won't be able to find out how he did it. Of course both sides and back are painted. Perspective has been put into the art which is a key factor in the final image that you are perceiving.

category : AMAZING | ART | 3D

Optical Illusion : Showering the Man with Water

How will you feel if somebody unknown does that to you? Well we will be pretty enraged. But the fact here is that it is not happening in real. Yes you read it right. That person holding the shower is merely watering the plants which are blooming in the back. The person sitting on the bench is sitting ahead from that place. Actually there is the bend on the margin wall and the bench is situated at the inside bend. This makes both the watering guy and the sitting guy in the same line. This is why it appears so.

category : FUNNY

Optical Illusion : Absolutely Terrifying Room

Look at the picture and if you have acrophobia, you will probably never want to visit this room. This is a marvelous 3D art and the artist who has done it has done a terrific job. It is so real that anyone who walks into this room will surely want to check by keeping just a foot inside first. At this angle of camera, it looks absolutely terrifying. However it will be a pleasure to walk inside and look at it from different angles and probably marvel at the stunning art.

category : AMAZING | ART | 3D

Optical Illusion : 3D Dolphin Sketch

The best thing about this 3d sketch is that the artists has managed to produce a great depth while it is just a sketch on the paper. The thing that can be improved is the softness on dolphin's skin/surface. It appears to be a bit metallic or hard right now. But otherwise, this is an impressive 3D sketch work. You can find the depth even in the water displaced by the dolphin.

category : ART | 3D

Optical Illusion : Head out of Mouth

In this picture, it appears as if a head is popping out of this man's mouth. It is pretty much like those horror movies we see these days. It was a hand in The Possession and seems they have improved from hand to a complete head. However this is just the result of a photo bomb. The head belongs to a person who is present at the far end of the picture. The positioning has been set to ultimately give out the effect that the head is coming out of the mouth.

Optical Illusion : Two Faces Or Vase

What do you see in the given picture ?

Optical Illusion : Rocket Speed Bird

Well this bird has got a jetpack installed on its back it seems which is enabling it to fly at rocket speed leaving the trail behind. Whoever has clicked this pick happens to have a great timing or just got lucky. A moment here or there and the result would not have been as astounding as it appears to be now. Of course there is a jet hidden behind the bird. What were you thinking? Timing plays a major role in such illusions. You should literally be camera ready always. Who know what you may find the next moment that is worth capturing?

category : COOL | ANAMORPHIC

Optical Illusion : Funny Cat's Tail

We know it is a little over the limit but there is nothing wrong with this picture. May be if your mind was not in a provocative mood, you would have realized the reality at the first glance itself. Nobody here has edited this image and made it look like that. It is purely a real image. To tell you the truth, it is just this cat's tail. Well, somebody has made him sit on it for sure but that's it. How you perceive this tail is entirely based on the creativity of your mind. Look at him, he's so cute right? Having no idea what is actually happening.

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