Optical Illusion : Lips Shaped Flower

Now this one is really cute. We are sure that you must have seen innumerable kinds of flora in real life and on the internet. Some of them definitely amaze us with intriguing shapes. This illusion is one of the similar kinds. You can clearly see the shape of lips in this flower. We are not really sure how this flower looks from some other angle but from here, it looks absolutely magnificent. It's really amusing how nature has crafted this world with her art.

category : COOL


Optical Illusion : Amazing Blur Shift

Are you ready for an amazing illusion guys? Before looking at the image, do read the instructions first. Yu can see two lighthouses in the image below. There is a visible partition between the two images. You would be easily able to notice that the right image is sharper than the left one. Now just concentrate on the right (sharper one). Very soon, you will find that it will turn blurred and now the left image will turn sharper. Go on and try the same with the left image and you will now see it blurred while the other will appear sharper.

category : LOGIC | AMAZING

Optical Illusion : Dangerous Rope Bridge Crossing 3D Street Art

This illusion is again a great work and totally spellbinding. The depths created are magnificent. Looking at this particular angle you can feel that the young kid walking over the bridge can fall anytime into the depths of the underworld. Wait that sounded a bit scary right? But the less we say about this amazing art the better it is. It is truly a remarkable piece.

category : AMAZING | ART | 3D

Optical Illusion : Bulged Out Sphere

Does this image appear three dimensional to you? Do you think that there is a sphere lying over the top of a checker board? If you think that, believe us, it is just your perception. This image is perfectly two dimensional only. Even the lines are perfectly parallel. There is no real bulging and it is just a circle of pattern. The circle appears to be as a sphere just because of the pattern that has been used inside it in comparison with the pattern that has been used outside i.e. black and white checkers.

Optical Illusion : Realistic Well Sketch

Look at the fine details of this amazing simple looking sketch. Other than the 3s sketching of the well, the artist thought of including his pencil in the sketch as well. Well, is the pencil real or even that has been painted? We believe it is real and the artist simply sketched its shadow on the paper. Ultimately, it is creating even more depth in the picture. This is an amazing sketch and even not a complicated one at that.

category : ART | 3D

Optical Illusion : Two Faces Or Vase

What do you see in the given picture ?

Optical Illusion : Stunning Anamorphic Street Painting

These days, the anamorphic street arts or the 3d street paintings have become a rage. The illusion they offer is unparalleled and hats off to those artists. The attached picture also shows one of those marvelous illusions. If you come across such an illusion you might as well fear of falling right into the water. Mind you step! Certainly, this is an incredible art painted by an incredibly talented artist.

Optical Illusion : Shrinking Phantom Cross

Now this one is an amazing illusion that can also be categorized under non-animated optical illusions. There are four same looking patterns and between them is a space creating a cross. If you just keep looking or running your eyes here and there in the image, you will feel as if the cross is continuously shrinking. There is no reason it will stop despite of the fact that it is just what our mind is perceiving and not real.

category : COOL | MOVING

Optical Illusion : Angry Bird Coffee Foam Art

Angry bird is one of the most popular android game franchise. Oh yes the PC versions are also available but with the android platform, the game gained a whole new level of popularity. This coffee foam art is definitely a production of a fan mindset. It is crazy how much details can be put in something like that. Look at the expressions of the bird. It do look exactly like we have seen in the game. The details that the artist has given to the expressions is commendable. How do you find this art?

category : ART

Optical Illusion : Using Escalator

This escalator leads straight to some sort of aquarium we guess seeking the blue water and the plant life that is visible from here. But what if we tell you that there is no escalator and the man is basically standing on a flat surface which has been painted to give an illusion of what we are seeing right now? You will be shocked like we were. This is because no one can predict that this staircase is actually just a 3d painting done by the artist. Full marks for innovation as well as the art. Seriously, these illusions proves that art has no limit.

category : ART | 3D

Optical Illusion : Hell in a Shopping Mall

It seems like the underworld has broken loose in this shopping mall. The deadly and creepy creatures of the underworld hell are lurching upwards to the surface to consume the people in the shopping mall. For some reason, it reminded us of the Hellraiser movie series. The creatures look likewise. A pinhead would have completed the picture. Anyhow, the depth is evident in this illusion. Although it does not look realistic and you can easily identify it as an illusion, the depth and creativity is awesome.

category : ART | ANAMORPHIC

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