Optical Illusion : Leaning Tower of Pisa

You all must be familiar with the Leaning Tower of Pisa right. Today, we bring you an illusion based on the same. Two pictures of the tower have been placed side by side. Now you have to decide which one is leaning towards the right more. If you said that it is the right one, then you are in for a surprise. This is because if you try to measure the tilt, you will find that both of them are equally leaned. But still, the right one appears to be more tilted. This is because of a slightly different camera angle in the second image that makes it appear like it is more tilted.

category : TRICKY


Optical Illusion : Gorgeous Girl Afterimage

You might have seen endless afterimage illusions of so many celebrities. It all began with the Jesus Illusion and then the social media sites were flooded with such illusions. This is a similar kind of illusion. We have a gorgeous girl for you in this illusion. She might appear as a clown with that red blog on her nose. But that is where you have to stare and long enough (a minute or half a minute). After you are done, look at the white space on the right and blink your eyes to see a gorgeous girl.

category : COOL

Optical Illusion : Live Landscape

This is a unique illusion in every way. Seeing from here it feels like the frame is hollow from the middle. Of course that is not the case or we had not posted it here. He is actually painting on the canvas what is right in front of him. The painting is so realistic and the proportions are so accurate that it looks like a part of the real surrounding. It has been done beautifully and he is still giving the finishing touches in this snap. These kind of realistic real life paintings are one of a kind. If you loved the illusions, don't forget to share.

category : AMAZING | ART

Optical Illusion : Real Circle Shape-Distortion

There is a red circle in between the figure. Do you think it is a real circle or is it distorted?

Optical Illusion : Girly Legged Man

What is wrong with this man? He looks perfectly fine till you reach the waist portion. It actually feels more like a girl's pic. Is he abnormal? If no, then what has gone wrong here? Actually if you look at the face of his wife and then relate the body that you are looking with her, you will know what's wrong. It is actually her body that you see. The guy's body is behind her with black shorts and white tee. The way they are overlapping each other has made it look like what you are perceiving.

category : FUNNY

Optical Illusion : Exceptionally Tilted House

The first look at this image and you will be shocked. You might want to believe that it is not possible or it is a photoshopped image. This image has been going viral on the social media sites for quite long now. Let us tell you that it is a real image. The house is for real and it is not tilted. It is the street on which the house is built. The street is steeply tilted and thus all the people in this particular street lives in such tilted houses.

Optical Illusion : Waterfall out of Water Bottle

The illusion that this person has been able to achieve is truly remarkable. At the first look, you might feel that the water is actually falling from the bottle. But take a closer look, it is not a water flow but a water fall that is emerging out of the bottle. The placement of the bottle, the angle and perspective and the ability of the one who clicked the picture makes this illusion look stunning. You can try such illusions yourself. Do stop by a waterfall next time to take one of your own.

Optical Illusion : Sailing on the Street

At least the pool of water looks tremendously realistic in this picture. The boat however looks like it has been painted which it has been but look at the water. The ripples, the reflection of sky, building as well as the sailing boat. They all are so realistic that no way you can say they have been painted till you actually go there and touch the picture yourself. The artist is touching a finger in the water portion and it feels like he is causing those ripples. Excellent detailing we must say.

category : ART | ANAMORPHIC

Optical Illusion : Grey Rectangle

In this illusion, you can see a distinct rectangle in the center and you can see a gradient of grey as the background. You can't deny the fact that you can see a gradient even in the center rectangle which is going from the lighter shade to the dark shade from left to right. But will you do one thing? Take this image and go to any image editing software. Now sample the different regions of that rectangle. You will be shocked to find out that the grey rectangle in the center does not comprise of any gradient and is rather a same shade throughout. So why does it appear so? This is because of the gradient in the background which makes us perceive what we are.

category : TRICKY

Optical Illusion : Mysterious Scary Faces

If you look at this illusion closely, you will find that there are a handful of faces in the picture. Two sculls are situated on both the sides and in the center, you can outline three faces at right angles. Colorful patterns are used to depict those faces which makes this illusion a bit trippy. Probably you would find this illusion even scary when you are high. Do give it a try and post in your feedbacks.

Optical Illusion : Wolverine or Two Bat Men

Now this is something amusing. We all know who wolverine is and who batman is. This is truly a picture of the x-men star Wolverine with the old comic style costume. But wait. Try to forget the yellow portion. Do you see two batmen facing each other in the picture? You did not see that coming did you? Well, this is amazing because no one would have thought of it like that till they actually saw this illusion.

category : TRICKY

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