Optical Illusion : Impossible Swimming Pool

This is a really fascinating paradox art. Hats off to the artist as it looks extremely real to the naked eyes. The shadows and lighting is just perfect and adds so much more depth to this illusion. You can see a man climbing for the diving board and you can also see his distant shadow on floor. But the board he is climbing for connects to the surface only. How can this be possible? Well it can't be (in real life) but it looks so believable in the picture. This is really one of the best paradox illusions we have ever come across so far.

category : IMPOSSIBLE | ART


Optical Illusion : Alien Ears Baby

Before you start thinking that picture has been taken from another planet or this is a devil's child, we would like to clarify that this is just a photobomb. You can see a dog behind the child if you look clearly. The ears are actually of the dog. The position is perfect and that can be due to a perfect timing or the camera angle adjusted specifically to meet the demand. Anyhow, the output is decent and funny.

category : FUNNY

Optical Illusion : Showering the Man with Water

How will you feel if somebody unknown does that to you? Well we will be pretty enraged. But the fact here is that it is not happening in real. Yes you read it right. That person holding the shower is merely watering the plants which are blooming in the back. The person sitting on the bench is sitting ahead from that place. Actually there is the bend on the margin wall and the bench is situated at the inside bend. This makes both the watering guy and the sitting guy in the same line. This is why it appears so.

category : FUNNY

Optical Illusion : Trippy Flower Bed

There is no movement in this image. Obviously it is not a gif but in certain images, you experience motion within the still images. This is not one of them. But the pattern has been made in a manner that if you move your eyes through it, you feel high. It's not a big deal if you even develop a heavy head within a minute. So proceed with caution and at your own risk. Whoever designed this image has turned out to be extremely good.

category : TRIPPY

Optical Illusion : Popular Moving Spirals

This is a mild illusion. You can see the spirals circling down if you concentrate a bit. This moving spiral illusion can be seen by people who find difficulty in staring at optical illusions.

category : MOVING

Optical Illusion : Length of Lines

Here, you can see three different lines in the picture. What makes these three lines different from each other is the arrows at the end. But does the length of line differs as well? Of course it looks like it differs. So let us tell you what to do. Take a ruler and literally measure these lines on your screen. You will be surprised to find out that the lines are of exact same size. So why does they appear of different sizes? This is due to the arrow signs at the end. These signs make it appear like the lengths are different.

category : LOGIC | TRICKY

Optical Illusion : Cloud Trails from Fingers

Seems like these four fingers created those trails in the otherwise clear blue sky. Creative right? Lucky? Yeah maybe. It is difficult to find such cloud line ups. But of course, someone might have digitally modified things to his own interest. Whatever it may be, the output result is impressive and encouraging for the people who like to create such illusions. Probably you will keep it in mind next time you come across such clouds.

category : ANAMORPHIC

Optical Illusion : Abnormally Long Beard

The first impression you will go through while looking at this pic will be that it has been photoshopped and not real. But what if we tell you that whatever you are looking at is completely real. However, we suggest you change your focus from the beard to the lower body of the man. Do you think something unusual? Yes, it is actually a girl who is standing in front of the guy. The height is perfectly appropriate to create this illusion. Also, the same colored clothes are responsible for the merging of two bodies that appear to be one. Isn't this illusion really awesome?

Optical Illusion : Paradox Staircase

This is quite a popular illusion and you might have found it at so many places on the internet. How could we refrain from putting it on our site then? Yes it looks absolutely normal on the first glance. But just observe and analyze the image carefully. Do you think you can ever come up with a real life version of it? Can it even exist anywhere other than a virtual medium? Of course it can't. It is an example of paradox figures and by all means, it contradicts whatever it suggest itself.

category : IMPOSSIBLE

Optical Illusion : Spot the Scary Thing

At the first look, this image just shows a few dead branches with some grass. It is pretty normal and you might have across such things walking into the forests and the farms. But if you can spot the thing, you will be scare to do that now. Concentrate on the image and you will definitely be able to find it. If you were not able to, then try a few times more and then read further. There is a creepy giant spider in this image camouflaged perfectly. So next time you are having an adventurous walk into the forests, beware before stepping in such areas.

category : ANAMORPHIC

Optical Illusion : Tilted Road

We remember posting a similar illusion on our website a last month. We are back with another one. This one surely looks more believable and covers a few weak points which were present in the last. For starters, they are just lying down on the pavement. See the shadow of the front man's hand. This can't be possible right? They are actually taking the support of the surface to keep their body above the surface. The camera has been tilted and thus the whole scenario seems titled. Anyhow, it is a job well done. Now this is one of those creative illusions that you can definitely try.

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