Optical Illusion : Hidden Face in the Meadows

This is a painting illusion. An artist has smartly painted out a scene from the meadows. You can see the sheep, the shepherd sitting below a tree, the huts, the grass and the trees. But can you find a face in this picture. It is quite clear as the matter of a fact. The huts are acting as the eyes, the tree as the nose, the shepherd as the moustache and mouth. Brilliant work isn't it? Some artists are able to truly amaze us by their work.

category : TREE | ART | FACE


Optical Illusion : Creative Library

This is an amazing painting. Of course it can't exist in the real world but the sheer creativity is amazing to look at. The base is merging with the first level. At each levels, you can see a different doorway opening (through different doors). Well it certainly is a dream library. Consider the fact that you can actually read while sitting on a door that opens to space, sea, woods, sky etc. Who would not want to sit and read in such a library?

Optical Illusion : Popular Duck or Rabbit

What do you see - a duck or a rabbit ?

category : TRICKY | PUZZLES

Optical Illusion : Spot the Scary Thing

At the first look, this image just shows a few dead branches with some grass. It is pretty normal and you might have across such things walking into the forests and the farms. But if you can spot the thing, you will be scare to do that now. Concentrate on the image and you will definitely be able to find it. If you were not able to, then try a few times more and then read further. There is a creepy giant spider in this image camouflaged perfectly. So next time you are having an adventurous walk into the forests, beware before stepping in such areas.

category : ANAMORPHIC

Optical Illusion : Hidden Face in Snowy Mountains

This is a beautiful picture of snow covered mountains. Who would not love to spend some time of their vacation right there? But the mountains are hiding a face. Can you spot it? On the left portion of the image, if you look with concentration, you will be able to find it. Moreover, the face is actually a laughing face. The snow portions is also acting as teeth and is giving an illusion that the person is laughing actually.

Optical Illusion : Hidden Face amid Flowers

It's a beautiful face of a woman. Are you able to spot it? It is present on the top towards the right where the pink flowers have blossomed. The flowers are bent and placed at the right spots to form the eyes, the nose, the lips, the chin and the jawline. It is a painting even though you can experience similar illusions for real many a times. It would be great if you snap a picture at that very moment. Share with us and we might publish it on our site.

category : NATURE | FACE

Optical Illusion : Dancing Tree Girl

This is another tree illusion which has been captured from an excellent camera angle making it so effective. Of course we need not explain much to you in context as you can clearly make out the figure of a girl who is supposedly doing a dance move lifting one of her leg in the air. The two branches that are moving upwards fill in for her hands and you can even make out the chest line from this angle. A work of nature indeed glorified by the photographer.

Optical Illusion : Disappearing Colors

Probably you have seen this illusion in the social media sites already. But if you have not, you are in for a great surprise today. Below is a faded image comprising of a few colors. What you have to do is stare at it. Just do it for a few seconds blocking out every other thought from your mind and concentrating on the image. Soon, the whole image will disappear from your vision. Did it? Isn't this illusion amazing? Something's can strike you with an amusing surprise and his is surely one of them.

category : COOL

Optical Illusion : Decapitated Head on Beach

Now this outdoor illusion is truly scary. All we see is a body with the head decapitated and kept on the side of the body. But the head is still smiling as if laughing at us because we are truly scared to watch it. No it is because she has managed to fool us. How about if there are two bodies in this illusion? One is lying down and the camera is kept at an angle in which we can't see her head. The other is neck deep in the sand. Surprise right? This is the only possible explanation unless somebody has tried to Photoshop the image.

category : TRICKY

Optical Illusion : Waving Acid Blobs

Now this trippy illusion can definitely give some people a headache. Thus, it is advisable not to look for longer duration. At the first moment itself, you can see the blobs waving as if they were placed over a wave. Do you see something else than the mere waving? Do post in your comments if you do.

category : COOL | TRIPPY

Optical Illusion : Waterfall Crafting Mother Nature

This is an amazing picture. The waterfall has crafted Mother Nature into the rocks. It feels like she is diving inside the sea along with the falling water. The entire face and hands joined above the head are visible clearly. Some of you might say that the image has been tweaked to define the shape. It can be possible as the source is unknown to us. But the illusion is impressive and can be purely a nature's art as well.

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