Optical Illusion : Grey Rectangle

In this illusion, you can see a distinct rectangle in the center and you can see a gradient of grey as the background. You can't deny the fact that you can see a gradient even in the center rectangle which is going from the lighter shade to the dark shade from left to right. But will you do one thing? Take this image and go to any image editing software. Now sample the different regions of that rectangle. You will be shocked to find out that the grey rectangle in the center does not comprise of any gradient and is rather a same shade throughout. So why does it appear so? This is because of the gradient in the background which makes us perceive what we are.

category : TRICKY


Optical Illusion : Impossibly Real Painted Basketball

No this can't be right! No way can this basketball be a painted illusion. An anamorphic art cannot be so real by any means. We all thought the same with the first glance. Though we can't deny the fact that we still feel the same. This is because it appears so real that you almost want to pick it up and dribble it. But then, it is a stunningly real 3d anamorphic artwork in reality. Whoever has created this illusion surely deserves a bow from us.

Optical Illusion : Cool Rotating Circles

Move your head closer to the screen and then move it away. Do it back and forth. What do you find?

Optical Illusion : Glowing Edges of Circle

Now this illusion will blow your mind for sure. In the image below, you can see a red circle and a dot inside that circle. Just stare at that dot for some time. You will find the edges glowing with cyan color. No this is not the whole illusion. Just keep staring for a bit more time. Now just move your head back gradually while keeping your eyes on the spot only and you will see that the glow around the circle will increase in size burning with much more intensity.

category : AMAZING

Optical Illusion : The Devil Child

At the very first glance, you can see a horn growing on the girl's head. So is she a devil child? No of course not. There is nothing like that entity once you move out of the horror movies. So what is it? Look for a few seconds and find out yourself or read ahead. If you look between her side pony tails and head, you can see that there is a land between two segments of grasses. It is actually this land that is matched perfectly with her parting of hair. It is narrowing down because of the perspective. Isn't it amazing?

Optical Illusion : Straight to Inferno

This elevator will not take you anywhere in the building. It leads you straight to inferno if you step in the gap. So please look for it. Amazing art right? This will literally scare anyone who tries to climb up the elevator. It is amazing how creatively the artists thinks and with what finesse they create such arts. By all means this look like real especially the burning hot insides. The details are simply amazing and the artist must be applauded for such an output. If you like our illusions do not forget to bookmark and share.

category : AMAZING | ART | 3D

Optical Illusion : Impossible Cube Paradox

You must have figured out what has gone wrong in this picture the moment you looked at it right? It has been manipulated to form a paradox. If you try to create any real life hollow cube like this, the edges will never overlap like this. It can only be done virtually however by no means it is possible in real world. That is the motto of paradox illusions and we really think that this image serves the purpose well.

category : IMPOSSIBLE

Optical Illusion : Falling people 3D Art

We all have seen so many 3d arts and everytime you browse through internet, you definitely find so many new ones. Artists all over the world have been creating this amazing 3d arts which looks so much believable that you will be left amazed. This post includes a similar illusion that will leave you breathless. Those two guys in the picture seems to be falling to the depths of the earth. But the truth is that it is just a 3d art. The perspective, the angles, the guys pretending to be falling adds up to make it so realistic that you won't believe your eyes. The only giveaway is the people standing on that hollow surface telling us that it is just and art.

category : ART | 3D

Optical Illusion : Mind Blowing Artifice Painting

This is an absolute masterpiece. Of course you will be able to see two different things and situations in this painting. The first one is the portrait which is quite clear. But what helped in making the portrait? The other picture/situation is of a girl standing and awaiting the approaching train. Her hair have been used to form the eyes of the portrait, her arm the nose, the folds of her dress as the mouth and beard. Just look at the ear of the portrait. You will find a street lamp and a person. The steam emerging from the train form the hair of the portrait. Amazing right? Definitely it is.

category : AMAZING | ART

Optical Illusion : Wiping Man's Nose

Now this is one of the hilarious ones. Excellent timing we must say. It appears like the man who is wiping the poster clean is actually wiping his nose or scratching it. The expressions of the man in the picture makes it look so much realistic. It appears as if he is being irritate by the man who is wiping as he is picking on his nose. Of course, he is just cleaning the poster and he does not even know that he is being clicked at this particular moment. But we are sure he will have a good laugh after someone shows him this picture.

Optical Illusion : The Giant Man

These kind of illusions are pretty popular. The reason is simple. They care easy to create if you know the technique and also as they are real fun. The people who are bending down are actually far away than the man whose foot is visible and implying to be crushing them underneath. The camera angle is chose in a manner that both the foot and the people appear to be aligned in the same image. Since the foot is close to camera, it appears giant and the people who are far away looks tiny in comparison. Isn't it amazing? Make sure you try a similar thing next time you are out with friends.

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