Optical Illusion : Giant Cobra

We now that it is a ripped tree trunk. Some calamity or manmade actions are responsible for the fate of this tree but if you concentrate on the shape and the ripped portion, you will agree with us that it does look like a giant cobra. To top that, it feels it is ready to grab the prey with the mouth wide open. The astonishing part is that you can even find the eye carved on the face region. Probably no one would have thought of it in this manner till the one who clicked it recognized and decided to share with the world.


Optical Illusion : Framing the Sun

It looks like this guy is holding a photo frame which contains an amazing painting of the sun. The truth is however not that. This guy is just holding a hollow wooden frame. What you see inside the frame is actually the real sun that have been clouded. The background color in the frame and the sky gives it away. But that is a unique approach and highly creative. Moreover, now that you know how to do it, you can create some interesting picture of yours as well. If you do that, do not forget to send us.

Optical Illusion : Spiders on the Roof 3D Art

Now that is something creepy. The giant spiders crawling over the roof makes us think that we are living in Hogwarts right? This artist deserves a salute from us for hi amazing talent. There is no way that you can say that this pair of spiders is not real if you look from the bird eye view. It will be interesting to see how they look while you stand on the roof though.

Optical Illusion : Disappearing Stripes

Are you up for another disappearing effect optical illusion? Hop on to the image below if you are. We know that you don't need our instructions but for the sake of the first timers, here is what you have to do. You can see a small red dot in the middle of the image. You just have to stare at that dot for a few moments and you will find the grey stripes vanishing into thin air right in front of your eyes. Pardon for the exaggerated verses but isn't it downright cool as an effect? Do not follow to subscribe us for more of such illusions.

category : COOL

Optical Illusion : Abnormally Long Arms

Whoa! The girl in center has certainly grown abnormally long arms. They are reaching to the extreme ends. Seems like she has gained the superpower from fantastic four movie. Jokes apart, what is happening here? Actually her right hand is resting on the shoulder of the second girl to her right and the hand that you see ahead in actually the hand of that girl. They are aligned in the same line which is giving out this effect. The same is happening on her left side. The combined effect is that we perceive abnormally long arms.

Optical Illusion : Giant Waterfall on Street

Now this is an amazing work of art. The details with which the artist has worked is just fabulous. It seems like the entire street has been converted into a giant waterfall. Especially the close end of the picture that shows the falling water has been done marvelously. The colors, the shadows, the lighting and the presentation overall is all too great. Doing something so big, it must have required a great talent and a good amount of patience and courage. Hats off to the artist who did this. This is one of the most extensive street art we have ever seen.

Optical Illusion : Juggling the Sun

In this illusion, we take you to a beautiful sunset scenery. While most of the people would have marveled at the sight of this amazing view of sunset, look at what this guy is up to. Hats off to the imagination of the guy and the one who clicked this amazing picture. It is creating an illusion that the guy in the picture is juggling with the sun. Now that is a mighty thing to do don't you feel? It gives you an idea of how you can use the sunset for creating an illusion.

category : COOL | AMAZING

Optical Illusion : Lips or a Leaf

This illusion will work best if you look at this image from a distance. From up close, you can see the rough outlines of the leaves but from a distance, you won't be able to trace them and then you will have a hard time deciding whether this picture is of a leaf or a close up of supple lips. The color of leaf (or it may have been colored artificially) is a big contributor to the overall ambiguous effect.

Optical Illusion : Middle of the Circle

Can you find out which of the given black dots marks the center of the circle?

category : TRICKY | COOL

Optical Illusion : Bulged Out Sphere

Does this image appear three dimensional to you? Do you think that there is a sphere lying over the top of a checker board? If you think that, believe us, it is just your perception. This image is perfectly two dimensional only. Even the lines are perfectly parallel. There is no real bulging and it is just a circle of pattern. The circle appears to be as a sphere just because of the pattern that has been used inside it in comparison with the pattern that has been used outside i.e. black and white checkers.

Optical Illusion : Leaf Coffee Foam Art

This is another simple coffee foam art. But still, it looks pretty neat and professional right? You won't mind to be surprised with it in a cafe right? It's a leaf according to us. But can you perceive it as something else? Do drop in your comments if you can find any other image popping out of this art.

category : ART

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