Optical Illusion : Fun at Beach

This is the perfect example of how illusions are super fun. All you require is a camera and a little knowledge about perspective and you can create wonders. Just look at the picture and you can imagine how much fun it was for the woman. Could you not have created a similar illusion when you visited a beach? But it might never have crossed your mind right? Never mind, now you have an idea and you can even explore it furthermore.

category : COOL


Optical Illusion : Surfing in the Sea 3D Mall Art

We bet that this would have been the finest attraction of the shopping mall at that particular time. People must have literally rushed to see this magnificent piece of 3D chalk art. It appears so realistic that you must have been wondering how. Hats off to the artist for inducing so much of the details into his art. Take your time and marvel at the extensive details. How about if you get a chance to click a selfie while lying over the sand?

Optical Illusion : Absolutely Terrifying Room

Look at the picture and if you have acrophobia, you will probably never want to visit this room. This is a marvelous 3D art and the artist who has done it has done a terrific job. It is so real that anyone who walks into this room will surely want to check by keeping just a foot inside first. At this angle of camera, it looks absolutely terrifying. However it will be a pleasure to walk inside and look at it from different angles and probably marvel at the stunning art.

category : AMAZING | ART | 3D

Optical Illusion : Fierce Tiger's Face

At the first look, you might not even acknowledge how many people are present in this illusion. But all you will see is how amazingly the artist has succeeded in creating the illusion of a Tiger's mouth. You can't help but marvel at the fine details the artist has put it. Look closely. There are three girls in this picture and they have been shifted together so as to form a three dimensional face. Amazing right?

Optical Illusion : Popular Rolling Waves

You don't have to move or tilt your head. Hold it still. Now just scroll this page up and down. What do you see?

Optical Illusion : Man inside Coffee Cup

Now this is a funny one. Especially when you look at the expressions of the man and with a rubber duck sitting at the top of the camera lens with almost same size as that of the man. So what is the trick here? Actually the coffee cup is quite close to the camera lens. The man is however sitting at the other side. His body has been hidden by the cup and the cup appears so large just because of the perspective. This is quite simple to achieve and you can all try at your respective homes.

Optical Illusion : Lifting her Dad

Just look at the innocent expressions of the girl in this picture. She's so cure right? But look at what she is doing - lifting her dad in the air using merely her fingers. Of course her dad is not an ant-man or a tiny figure. He is just standing at quite some distance and what you see is purely a perspective play by the photographer. This is the reason why you see the lower portion of the picture in focus while the upper portion is not focused. Also, you must be able to see the glow on the edges. This is because someone has brought the images in focus forcefully. But yes, it is a decent photography illusion.

Optical Illusion : Hidden Face in Snowy Mountains

This is a beautiful picture of snow covered mountains. Who would not love to spend some time of their vacation right there? But the mountains are hiding a face. Can you spot it? On the left portion of the image, if you look with concentration, you will be able to find it. Moreover, the face is actually a laughing face. The snow portions is also acting as teeth and is giving an illusion that the person is laughing actually.

Optical Illusion : Dirty Harry Movie Poster

Clint Eastwood or the western genre fans must have seen this movie. Have you ever noticed the poster of this movie though? At the first impression, it is a gun that has been just fired (evident through the smoke illustration). But the shape of the gun has been combined with the face cut of a man. It is not difficult to spot but it is amazing how creatively the artist has designed the poster. It sort of generates a whole new interest in the movie.

category : ART | PERCEPTION

Optical Illusion : Sitting on a Giant Beer Mug

Can you identify what all in this picture is part of the painting and what all is realistic? The mug of course has been painted. But what about the girl sitting on the top of the froth. Can she be real sitting at a distance? Or she is the part of this illusion? Even we are confuse over that. The girl is likely to be painted but for some reasons, she appears to be real. Only the artist can clarify our doubt. What do you have to say in this matter? The illusion is a good one on the other hand, the beer mug stands tall from this camera angle.

category : ART | ANAMORPHIC

Optical Illusion : Hidden Woman Face

Here is another painting optical illusion for guys who love this sub category. What this painting portrays is the grey mountains and warriors. You can see one on the horse and three others. But among all this, there is a face that has been composed using all these elements. If you look carefully you can find where. The whole painting seems to be a portrait once you are able to recognize the face in it. The face is of an old woman. The horse acting as the nose and the horse rider acting as one of the eye. You will be able to trace the entire face now.

category : ART | FACE

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