Optical Illusion : Fierce Tiger's Face

At the first look, you might not even acknowledge how many people are present in this illusion. But all you will see is how amazingly the artist has succeeded in creating the illusion of a Tiger's mouth. You can't help but marvel at the fine details the artist has put it. Look closely. There are three girls in this picture and they have been shifted together so as to form a three dimensional face. Amazing right?


Optical Illusion : Colorful Rotating Spirals

This illusion is also an extreme one. You can find the four big spirals rotating in the opposite directions. The colors used make it a bit trippy at times causing headache.

Optical Illusion : Elongated Horse

Now either something is extremely abnormal about this horse or this is some special breed we have never seen or even heard of. Jokes apart, it is not a single horse. Yes, that is exactly the truth. There are two horses actually. Since there is a barrier in front, it appears as if there is only one horse stretched abnormally from the center. Of course if you look at this illusion from some other angle, it will appear different than this. Also, if the horse would have raised his head, it would have not appeared like this. So a job well done by the photographer.

category : FUNNY

Optical Illusion : Paris, Je T'aime Movie Poster

If you are fond of love stories, Paris, Je T'aime is a movie made for you. This is an interesting poster for the movie now. To glorify the true nature of the movie, you can see a red heart but what is it made up of? They are Eifel Towers stacked up in the formation of a heart. Justifies that the movie is based in Paris right? Do you ever wonder how these artist gets these awesome ideas for the movie posters?

category : COOL | ART

Optical Illusion : Realistic Well Sketch

Look at the fine details of this amazing simple looking sketch. Other than the 3s sketching of the well, the artist thought of including his pencil in the sketch as well. Well, is the pencil real or even that has been painted? We believe it is real and the artist simply sketched its shadow on the paper. Ultimately, it is creating even more depth in the picture. This is an amazing sketch and even not a complicated one at that.

category : ART | 3D

Optical Illusion : Enigmatic Painting

This is a marvelous piece of art. The painting might look simple at the first glance but if you concentrate, you will be awarded with one fine example of ambiguous illusion. What was the first thing you perceived? We are sure that most of you saw the face of an old man. But if you concentrate, you will see a horse rider in the image. Once you can find it, it will be a lot difficult to perceive the old man's face again. Anyways, you can also find a women lying down on the right side of the rider. Also, now you may perceive the white hair as a river flowing down and the dark hair at the right most as trees. Were you able to perceive anything else than that? Do leave in your comments if you were.

category : ART | FACE

Optical Illusion : Waving Acid Blobs

Now this trippy illusion can definitely give some people a headache. Thus, it is advisable not to look for longer duration. At the first moment itself, you can see the blobs waving as if they were placed over a wave. Do you see something else than the mere waving? Do post in your comments if you do.

category : COOL | TRIPPY

Optical Illusion : Simple Curved Lines

There are so many illusions based on the nature of two lines - parallel or curved. So many of them have been shared by us as well. This one is probably one of the simplest ones and yet it is able to achieve the desirable effect. These two lines are parallel in reality. You can even check and verify the statement. However, the pattern behind it that is made by concurrent lines is forcing us to perceive them as bent or curved.

category : TRICKY

Optical Illusion : Spider-Man Carved Pumpkin

The good ol' friendly neighborhood is here with his mask carved into the pumpkin. The pumpkin is not visible due to the emitting bright light but we assure you that it is actually a pumpkin carving only. Definitely the artist has done a good job here as the mask looks exactly like we have seen in the comic books. Next time you are looking for an idea, you might want to carve out The Dark Knight or Iron Man probably.

category : COOL | ART

Optical Illusion : Stripping on Street

One has to be crazy to strip like that in public. People do anything to grab the attention of the masses. This is one of such cases. Well not in a wrong manner of course. What we said is how the photographer wants us to perceive things. The truth is however that she is not stripping. What you see emerging out of her sweatshirt is actually her elbow. She has folded her arm in a manner that is stimulating your dirty brains. A commendable job if done voluntarily but a funny mistake if done involuntarily.

Optical Illusion : Weird Triangle

If you look in the center region of this image, you will see that the things are moving endlessly. The lines appear to be flickering and it won't stop. We assure you that it is a plain image file with no in built animations. The way the pattern has been put together creates a virtual animation effect that is perceived by our eyes. Did you enjoy this illusion? Do not forget to share it with your friends.

category : TRIPPY

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