Optical Illusion : Dirty Harry Movie Poster

Clint Eastwood or the western genre fans must have seen this movie. Have you ever noticed the poster of this movie though? At the first impression, it is a gun that has been just fired (evident through the smoke illustration). But the shape of the gun has been combined with the face cut of a man. It is not difficult to spot but it is amazing how creatively the artist has designed the poster. It sort of generates a whole new interest in the movie.

category : ART | PERCEPTION


Optical Illusion : Creative Flower Vase

The basic idea was to make a live study of a flower vase. But look what the artist did. He has used the flowers as the hair of a girl. The leaves close to the vase has been used as the eyes. The vase itself acts as the nose and the apple lying in front acts as the mouth of the girl. Now, the fallen leaves act as the outline of the face. The final result is that before we notice the vase, we notice a woman's face in the picture. This is where the artist has won it. This is what he wanted to focus on and if we are perceiving it, then his job has been done.

category : ART | FACE

Optical Illusion : Innocent Girls

You can see two girls in this picture. The second girl looks more like a mirror image. So the first girl might be standing in front of a mirror formed with the carvings of a tree and branches. How else will you justify this mysterious image? But the illusion is not about that. Instead it is something more sinister. Can you see a skull in the image? You did not look in that direction right? Look for a tilted skull by placing the head of the two girls as eyes ad their frock as the teeth/mouth. Were you able to place it now?

Optical Illusion : Innovative Sun Clock

This is an interesting take on the illusion genre. The guy is actually holding the minute and hour hands in his own hand and the sun at the backdrop acts like the clock surface. It appears however that there is an actual clock. The placement is perfect and the photographer has done a good job here. Also, we would like to say that the idea is quite innovative. It's interesting how illusionists always come up with these unique ideas and blends them so perfectly.

Optical Illusion : Amazing Horizontal Circles Distortion

Are the given two circles horizontal?

Optical Illusion : Amazing Missing Shapes

What geometrical figure can you perceive in the two images?

Optical Illusion : Amazing Coffee Foam Art

Now this is an amazing art for sure. Imagine yourself to be on that hot air balloon with your loved one or your friends let's say. Well chuck it, it would be awesome to be the only one on that hot air balloon and enjoying the beautiful clouds and the mountains. The artist has used chocolate syrup to draw in the outlines that offers enhanced details to his art for sure. Also, using coffee powder to enhance the details of mountains and the balloon, he has proved that we was pretty serious for his art. Anyhow, hats off to the creativity and the talent.

category : AMAZING | ART

Optical Illusion : Scary Paper Bag

At the first glance, you must have felt like the picture had really come to life. This is purely a work of creativity. If you realize, there is always a gap in every poly bag or paper bag where you slide in your fingers to hold the bag. The artist has simply used that space to depict the mouth of the woman. Thus the person who is holding it by inserting the fingers inside the gap is not even aware of the fact that from a distance it looks like the lady printed on the bag is actually eating her hand. Did you like this illusion? Do share among your friends if you did.

category : FUNNY | ART

Optical Illusion : Imaginary Tunnel

Today, we have brought you an illusion that will take y our breath away. This illusion can explain the true nature of physiological illusions accurately. If you look at the image below (which might appear to be a bit trippy), you will find that a tunnel or a hall with pillars has been formed using black and white colored stripes. But what if we tell you that they are just plain 2d colors which have been used in a particular pattern or manner that it gives you an illusion that you are looking at a tunnel or hall. This is exactly how two plain colors can play with our mind by simulating information that is not correct at all.

Optical Illusion : The Giant Man

These kind of illusions are pretty popular. The reason is simple. They care easy to create if you know the technique and also as they are real fun. The people who are bending down are actually far away than the man whose foot is visible and implying to be crushing them underneath. The camera angle is chose in a manner that both the foot and the people appear to be aligned in the same image. Since the foot is close to camera, it appears giant and the people who are far away looks tiny in comparison. Isn't it amazing? Make sure you try a similar thing next time you are out with friends.

Optical Illusion : Trippy Flickr

Now this is a simple image. It's almost like spokes in the flags. The only difference is that the spokes become pointed at the center making several isosceles triangles that join at the center. You might not able to feel anything. But if you just scroll this page up and down while looking at the image, you will feel the motion and then if you keep doing it, it will be extremely trippy for viewing. Stop whenever you feel that it's not going well with your brain and you are feeling awkward or sick.

category : TRIPPY

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