Optical Illusion : Dancing Tree Girl

This is another tree illusion which has been captured from an excellent camera angle making it so effective. Of course we need not explain much to you in context as you can clearly make out the figure of a girl who is supposedly doing a dance move lifting one of her leg in the air. The two branches that are moving upwards fill in for her hands and you can even make out the chest line from this angle. A work of nature indeed glorified by the photographer.


Optical Illusion : Famous In or Out

The red ball (dot) is inside the cube or it is outside it?

Optical Illusion : Ripple in the pond

Now we have given you another idea for an amazing snap whenever you are out near a pond. Forced Perspective technique has been used here to create this ripple in the pond. Just create a ripple by throwing a pebble in the water and keep your finger near the camera pointing towards the ripple.

Optical Illusion : Girly Legged Man

What is wrong with this man? He looks perfectly fine till you reach the waist portion. It actually feels more like a girl's pic. Is he abnormal? If no, then what has gone wrong here? Actually if you look at the face of his wife and then relate the body that you are looking with her, you will know what's wrong. It is actually her body that you see. The guy's body is behind her with black shorts and white tee. The way they are overlapping each other has made it look like what you are perceiving.

category : FUNNY

Optical Illusion : Stretchable Cat

This cat has got to have a rubbery body to stretch like that. Of course cats can't have so long bodies so how was she able to stretch so much? Well it appears like this from this angle only. If you would have looked from another angle, you would know that there are actually two creatures. The head you see on the top belongs to another cat. This is the reason behind this illusion. But yeah, the timing and angle was perfect.

category : FUNNY

Optical Illusion : Three Legged Girl

Even when we looked at this illusion at first, we were shocked. We guess you are having a similar fate right? For a couple of seconds we could not find out what was going on in this picture and then our eyes fell on the vase. Have you located the vase yet? Just look at her hands. She is holding an empty flower vase whose color matches with the stockings over her legs. The left most leg is actually a vase. But that is not how one can perceive it to be without exploring and looking at the image carefully right?

category : FUNNY

Optical Illusion : Thirsty Horse

Now this is an excellent image. Other than the beautiful seascape, you can also find an illusion here. Look at the far end of the image on the left side. It is just the part of the island but can you trace a figure in that? Well yes, it do appears like a horse for us. We are sure you can also relate this figure with a horse. Also, since his face appears to be touching the water surface, it looks like you are looking at a thirsty horse drinking water from the sea.

Optical Illusion : The Natural Light Bulb

Probably after seeing this illusion, you will say that even you can do it. But the fact is that you never did it. The concept and idea behind this illusion is surely worth mentioning. This guy surely has a great creative mind. The light that you see inside the bulb is actually the sun that is far distant out of the focus in the picture. The bulb is focused and thus you see the final effect which is the result of a proper positioning and angle of camera while clicking the picture.

Optical Illusion : Buttoned Up Body Art

It is true that as the winter arrives, you have to button up your clothes so you can conserve your body heat. But look at this guy. We are sure that no one would want to button up his own skin right? Whoever has created this magnificent body art illusion has done a great deal of efforts to put in details especially if you see the stitched portion. You can clearly see the depth and yes anyone will be scared at first if you are a fan of those B horror movies.

category : ART

Optical Illusion : Hidden Lion Face in Tree

The picture primarily shows a few lions sitting under a tree. They are probably resting under the sun. But look at the tree and you can clearly make out the face of a lion. It's so evident that it cannot exist in real life. This means that this picture has been modified to get the desired result. The only thing we would like to say about it is the fact that the whole image looks digitally amplified and modified in details. Probably one should be a little easy on editing to make the effect look more realistic.

Optical Illusion : Imaginary Tunnel

Today, we have brought you an illusion that will take y our breath away. This illusion can explain the true nature of physiological illusions accurately. If you look at the image below (which might appear to be a bit trippy), you will find that a tunnel or a hall with pillars has been formed using black and white colored stripes. But what if we tell you that they are just plain 2d colors which have been used in a particular pattern or manner that it gives you an illusion that you are looking at a tunnel or hall. This is exactly how two plain colors can play with our mind by simulating information that is not correct at all.

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