Optical Illusion : Climbing to Moon

The moon is so reachable to this person. But we were taught about the distance in our schools. Then how come it can appear to be reachable? There are several reasons behind this illusion. Fore mostly, in all these illusions, we appreciate the creativity and effort of the photographers. So yes, this would not have been possible without proper distance and the camera angle. Then, the placement of the ladder was very important. The final result is awesome.

category : COOL | ANAMORPHIC


Optical Illusion : Staircase that can't Exists

We remember putting a staircase paradox back in time. Well, this one is much more impressive and conveys the paradox nature in a more explanatory manner. Just for the fun of it, try and follow these stairs and see where you reach. Are you surprised by the fact that even after climbing the steps, you are practically on the same level? But it looked pretty alright in the beginning. So can you try and create such a figure in real world? You won't be able to as this figure is impossible in real world. You can't create steps that meet on the very same level from where they started.

category : IMPOSSIBLE

Optical Illusion : Young Girl or Old Woman

This is one of the most popular ambiguous illusion. We are sure that you may have seen this somewhere on the web. What you have to decide is whether this is a 1/4th face of a young girl's face or the side view of an old woman. You will easily be able to acknowledge the young girl but if you are facing any problem in perceiving the old woman's face, here is a tip for you. Just try to perceive the neck of the girl as the mouth of the old woman and her ear as old woman's eye. Were you able to see both? Tell us in your comments.

Optical Illusion : Dirty Harry Movie Poster

Clint Eastwood or the western genre fans must have seen this movie. Have you ever noticed the poster of this movie though? At the first impression, it is a gun that has been just fired (evident through the smoke illustration). But the shape of the gun has been combined with the face cut of a man. It is not difficult to spot but it is amazing how creatively the artist has designed the poster. It sort of generates a whole new interest in the movie.

category : ART | PERCEPTION

Optical Illusion : Live Landscape

This is a unique illusion in every way. Seeing from here it feels like the frame is hollow from the middle. Of course that is not the case or we had not posted it here. He is actually painting on the canvas what is right in front of him. The painting is so realistic and the proportions are so accurate that it looks like a part of the real surrounding. It has been done beautifully and he is still giving the finishing touches in this snap. These kind of realistic real life paintings are one of a kind. If you loved the illusions, don't forget to share.

category : AMAZING | ART

Optical Illusion : Mushrooms Skull

What do you see in this illusion? It seems like someone has taken a picture from inside a cave where three mushrooms have grown up along with other herbs and shrubs. At the backdrop is a creepy full moon. It is indeed a nice capture but is that all that is to this picture? No absolutely not. The placement of objects in the picture create an illusion of a skull. Now the creepiness of the picture is enhanced right?

Optical Illusion : Touching the Moon

This guy has achieved what might be a dream of so many. He has touched the moon. This illusion is really awesome. There are so many things that are involved to make it believable and appear so amazing. The biker guy must have been stunting. The bike is merely in the air and the camera angle is so perfect that it really feels that he is touching the moon. The camera angle and the timing was most important is creating this illusion and that has been done neatly.

Optical Illusion : Pink Color Test

There are two blocks of pink colors. Are they the same shade?

Optical Illusion : Giant Balloon

This girl has got some great set of lungs. Who can even think of blowing this big a balloon otherwise? Well that's not what she is doing in real. She is just enacting of doing that. The balloon is a normal sized one and it has been place quite close to the camera lens making it appear so big. The girl being far ahead appears small in the size relatively. It is just perspective. If you know how to play with it, you can create some wonders with your camera. This is just an idea to get your minds running.

Optical Illusion : Words in a Pyramid

Read what is written in the pyramid aloud. Do you find any mistake? Read it again if you don't.

category : TRICKY | PUZZLES

Optical Illusion : Kung-Fu Panda

In this picture, you can see a boat with three kids sitting inside the boat. They have long branches in their hands that they have raised high in the air. The artist has given a distinct shape to the leaves that is merging together to form a beloved cartoon figure i.e. the Kung-Fu Panda. We are sure all of you must have seen the movies. Simple yet great right? It is amazing for sure. This kind of art can inspire the artist in you to try something of your own because it's simple and just require a creative mind.

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