Optical Illusion : Boat Rowers on Eyelash

This is one of the most unique body paint illusion that we have ever come across. The sheer creativity makes it worth all the praise. Using just two colors and placing the art at a perfect place, the artist has done a commendable job undoubtedly. So fashion divas, what are you waiting for? Probably this illusion can bring upon a new trend. But this is just one of the example. We are wondering about so many other possibilities as well.


Optical Illusion : Metro City Shadow Art

What if we would have hidden the objects that have been placed and displayed just the shadow part of this picture? We are sure that you would never have believed what was responsible for casting the shadow right? Now look at the objects that have been used. Although not much is clear due to the small dimensions of the picture but you can certainly make out a few objects. Isn't it just amazing? We are sure that there are endless possibilities that can be explored now that you know what to do. So, why don't make some of your own?

category : COOL

Optical Illusion : One Missed Call Movie Poster

One missed call is a Hollywood remake of a Japanese horror. While the original movie spawned a total of three installments, this remake could only come up with one. The reason was the inferior quality of the movie. Just for the suggestion, do not watch this remake and opt for the original instead. Coming to the illusion, this surly appears to be a disfigured and spooky face but just concentrate on it a bit more. Can you see two faces with mouth wide open that is sufficing as the eyes of the main face? This is a great job done by the artist who has created this poster.

category : ART | FACE

Optical Illusion : Collecting Stream of Clouds

Looking at the picture, it feels like the clouds in the form of a stream are pouring down right into the mineral water bottle. How would they taste like? Well that's a difficult thing to say because that's not actually happening. It just appears to be like that. Placing the bottle close to the camera and in a perfect alignment with the thin lining of clouds has resulted in this impressive illusion. Can that be a jet smoke? You hardly find clouds that thin and straight. So yes, it may be but still, it appears to be clouds.

category : ANAMORPHIC

Optical Illusion : Tatewaku Extinction

This is an extremely interesting illusion that has Japanese origin. Can you notice tiny colorful Dotson the corners of this image? Now you can also place a crosshair in the middle of the image. Just look at that crosshair and you will see that the colored dots will disappear. Yes you heard right. You don't have to stare long enough to experience the illusion. Just look at it and the dots vanish.

category : COOL | TRIPPY

Optical Illusion : Popular Rotating Snakes

You can find the circles rotating and the name is derived due to the striped pattern. So you can really feel those snakes rotating.

category : TRIPPY | MOVING

Optical Illusion : Showering the Man with Water

How will you feel if somebody unknown does that to you? Well we will be pretty enraged. But the fact here is that it is not happening in real. Yes you read it right. That person holding the shower is merely watering the plants which are blooming in the back. The person sitting on the bench is sitting ahead from that place. Actually there is the bend on the margin wall and the bench is situated at the inside bend. This makes both the watering guy and the sitting guy in the same line. This is why it appears so.

category : FUNNY

Optical Illusion : Funny Cat's Tail

We know it is a little over the limit but there is nothing wrong with this picture. May be if your mind was not in a provocative mood, you would have realized the reality at the first glance itself. Nobody here has edited this image and made it look like that. It is purely a real image. To tell you the truth, it is just this cat's tail. Well, somebody has made him sit on it for sure but that's it. How you perceive this tail is entirely based on the creativity of your mind. Look at him, he's so cute right? Having no idea what is actually happening.

Optical Illusion : Cool Impossible Font

It is quite possible that you might not even notice what's going on with the font in the attached picture. It looks pretty cool right? But the moment you take a closer look, you will find that the font is actually impossible. This impossible font illusion has been crafted by Martzi Hegedus. If you concentrate a bit and look for what he has done, you will find that the font is not in a single plane.

category : IMPOSSIBLE | COOL

Optical Illusion : Cool Rotating Gears

Can you find the gears slowly rotating?

category : COOL | MOVING

Optical Illusion : Hidden Face in Waves

Now we do believe that all of you must have experienced this quite often if you live on the coastlines. When you look at the waves, it often occurs that some shapes and even face some times is formed by the waves. What you are looking here is a touched up image and alterations have been done to bring out a proper face. It looks amazing. In real life, this type of illusion is much subtle without forming the detailed expressions.

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