Optical Illusion : Blowing People Off Hand

Most of you must have already seen this illusion on social networking sites. It is one of the extremely popular ones and serves as a perfect example. This is how the perspective and distance can be used to create a magical snap. Obviously, the people are far off than the man and that is the reason why they are looking so small. Rest, it is just the creativity of the photographer which makes this illusion a stunning one.


Optical Illusion : Hungry Eye

What is happening? At first, we were left a tad bit confused about this illusion. But a closer look explained everything. We must say that the artist has done a remarkable job with this illusion. By no means can anyone deduce the fact that the eye has been painted over the lips and thus this scary effect is being imparted towards us. For a moment, you will actually be confused for sure. This is an excellent creativity for sure.

Optical Illusion : Hidden Face in Green Mountains

That is a pretty face that you can see on the left region of the picture. The view has been taken from high above the ground level and showcases the beautiful green mountains on the coastline of a sea or river. For obvious reasons, you know for sure that the illusion that you are looking at has been created by modifying the original image. Anyhow, the illusion is beautiful and the facial features that come out are so elegant.

Optical Illusion : The Giant Man

These kind of illusions are pretty popular. The reason is simple. They care easy to create if you know the technique and also as they are real fun. The people who are bending down are actually far away than the man whose foot is visible and implying to be crushing them underneath. The camera angle is chose in a manner that both the foot and the people appear to be aligned in the same image. Since the foot is close to camera, it appears giant and the people who are far away looks tiny in comparison. Isn't it amazing? Make sure you try a similar thing next time you are out with friends.

Optical Illusion : Impossible Lego Construction

Just look at this figure. It is pretty clear that it is impossible to exist in the real world. But what if we tell you that it is a real one. No tampering or digital manipulation has been done with the image and it is perfectly a real one.

Shocked right? Just to give you a hint, this illusion works only from a specific angle. Also, the image is much flatter than it seems. Now you got it right?

Optical Illusion : Beautiful Pink Rose

This time, we have a beautiful afterimage illusion for you. Scroll to down to find an attached image. You have to concentrate on the left image (with green color) by looking at the cross in middle. Stare it for about a minute or longer (depending on the fact if you were able to achieve the illusion or not). Then immediately shift your eyes on the cross on the right image of black and white rose. You will find that it transforms into a beautiful pink rose.

category : AMAZING

Optical Illusion : Statue of Liberty Shadow

This is definitely an easy one. But yet, the effort and innovativeness was good. You actually have to think before doing anything. After watching something, so many people can imitate but to come up with something is actually difficult. This is what the lady is doing in this illusion. She has positioned herself in the position like you can see in the statue of liberty. We are not sure what she has in her hair that are making up for the crown. Overall, the output is decent enough and something you can try at homes as well.

Optical Illusion : Fountain out of Mouth

This illusion is so simple and yet so awesome. The placement of the lady and the erupting fountain behind her aligned with her mouth produces an amazingly fun illusion. I bet most of us have been around such fountains so many times, but we never thought of doing something like this. We are sure you will, the next time you visit any such place.

category : FUNNY | COOL

Optical Illusion : Female figure in a Tree

There is nothing much to talk about this illusion but there is a lot to admire about this illusion. It might not look the same or so impactful from other angles and thus we must applause the artist for finding out the angle that can create this illusion and capturing the beauty through the lens so perfectly. One can also relate this figure with Mother Nature herself. After all, it is her work and she has crafted the tree with her artistic approach.

Optical Illusion : Hidden Faces in the Ocean

This picture is taken under the ocean and displays the underwater life along with a few sea divers that are on to an adventure of their own. You can even see a lot many fishes and among all of it are two facing in towards each other not in the proper sense but in the directional sense. Waves, scuba divers fishes, corals; everything contribute in the formation of the faces. We don't know how much is real and how much is edited but the overall effect is impressive.

category : ANAMORPHIC

Optical Illusion : Tree in a Barren Land

Well you can clearly see that the entire land is not barren. But that barren portion when looked from the bird eye view is actually crafting a shape. The shape of a tree in a barren land here is acting like an ironical metaphor. But let's not go into all that stuff for now. Let's just concentrate on this beautiful illusion that is a part of the nature. If you zoom in to the above portion, you can even make out branches making it much more impressive.

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