Optical Illusion : As Big As Tree

Does the size of the load on the women's head equals the size of the tree?


Optical Illusion : Wolverine or Two Bat Men

Now this is something amusing. We all know who wolverine is and who batman is. This is truly a picture of the x-men star Wolverine with the old comic style costume. But wait. Try to forget the yellow portion. Do you see two batmen facing each other in the picture? You did not see that coming did you? Well, this is amazing because no one would have thought of it like that till they actually saw this illusion.

category : TRICKY

Optical Illusion : Spellbinding 3D Maze Art

Whoever has created this stunning illusion using just a single color shade over the grass, is definitely a great artist. The depth, the heights are so real that you might want to roam around in the maze for a while. The person standing on his hands is adding to the overall depth of the illusion. Really respect the artist for his amazing talent.

category : AMAZING | ART | 3D

Optical Illusion : Kinked Cotton Band

This is a pretty simple yet effective illusion that you can try at your homes too. It is a cotton band with a regular pattern. Do you feel that it is narrowing down on the left while broadening towards the right? If you feel that, it is because of the pattern. The closing pattern of lines towards the left makes it appear slimmer in width towards the left however it is not. To try this illusion at home, all you need is a white sheet of paper. Draw similar black lines over the paper after cutting it to roughly the same width. Now check it.

category : TRICKY

Optical Illusion : Creepy Body

Just a pair of legs approaching both sides? That even sounds creepy and here we have a picture. But the clear giveaway is the borders of the glass and the hands holding it. Yes, this person is holding a mirror in the hands and what you are seeing is merely a reflection. This is the reason why this picture appears to be creepy. This is something all of you can try anywhere. Of course, the grass and lighting add to the creepiness but something is better than nothing right? If you try to create one, do send us and we might add that to our site.

category : TRICKY

Optical Illusion : Trippy Flickr

Now this is a simple image. It's almost like spokes in the flags. The only difference is that the spokes become pointed at the center making several isosceles triangles that join at the center. You might not able to feel anything. But if you just scroll this page up and down while looking at the image, you will feel the motion and then if you keep doing it, it will be extremely trippy for viewing. Stop whenever you feel that it's not going well with your brain and you are feeling awkward or sick.

category : TRIPPY

Optical Illusion : Amazing Horizontal Circles Distortion

Are the given two circles horizontal?

Optical Illusion : One Missed Call Movie Poster

One missed call is a Hollywood remake of a Japanese horror. While the original movie spawned a total of three installments, this remake could only come up with one. The reason was the inferior quality of the movie. Just for the suggestion, do not watch this remake and opt for the original instead. Coming to the illusion, this surly appears to be a disfigured and spooky face but just concentrate on it a bit more. Can you see two faces with mouth wide open that is sufficing as the eyes of the main face? This is a great job done by the artist who has created this poster.

category : ART | FACE

Optical Illusion : Surfing in the Sea 3D Mall Art

We bet that this would have been the finest attraction of the shopping mall at that particular time. People must have literally rushed to see this magnificent piece of 3D chalk art. It appears so realistic that you must have been wondering how. Hats off to the artist for inducing so much of the details into his art. Take your time and marvel at the extensive details. How about if you get a chance to click a selfie while lying over the sand?

Optical Illusion : Dog Man Driving a Car

What do you see in this picture? It appears that an organism with a dog head and human body is actually driving a car. But that can only happen in the Hollywood movies right? So what has happened in this picture? Actually the picture has been taken by the person sitting on the passenger sitting exactly at the moment when the dog sitting on the backseat had his head between the lens of the camera and the driving person. This has generated an illusion that is being perceived by your eyes.

category : FUNNY

Optical Illusion : Fishing on the Street

Seems like a pond has found a way on the street and this man had even come all geared up with his fishing hook. But see his expressions, he caught a whale instead of a fish. You can only expect him to be pulled inside the pond in the next moment. See how the crowd has gathered to look at this marvelous illusion. Yes everything you see has been painted on the road except the man who is real and probably the man behind this amazing street art. If you liked the illusion, don't forget to share it with your friends.

category : ART | ANAMORPHIC

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