Optical Illusion : 3D Paint on Truck

Now this one amazing physiological illusion. There is no doubt that you can feel that it is carrying a giant bottle on its back. But what exactly is happening here is that the truck has been painted. It is amazing how these 3d artists continue to amaze us with their innovative skills. But it looks so real that you won't be able to find out how he did it. Of course both sides and back are painted. Perspective has been put into the art which is a key factor in the final image that you are perceiving.

category : AMAZING | ART | 3D


Optical Illusion : Popular Waving Beans

In this illusion, you can find the beans waving like the sea waves. The color combination is a key to the overall effect. It gives the underlying effect of the ocean over which the beans are waving.

Optical Illusion : Rock Climbing

How many of you were able to recognize that it was just an illusion in the first go? You have an amazing observation if you were able to. This man is actually lying over the floor and the camera is places so beautifully with a perfect camera angle that it appears that he is actually climbing a rock. The expressions add up to the illusion. But look at the arm with no muscles tensed. Look at how his body is pulled by the ground due to gravity.

Optical Illusion : Amazing Dog with Wings

Sometimes, all you need to create a perfect outdoor illusion is a camera ready to snap a picture at the right moment. In the attached illusion, you can say the same. It is an extremely popular outdoor illusion that you might have seen in so many social media sites and circulating picture messages in the messengers. But yes, if the person who clicked it had not used this camera angle at the right moment, this illusion would have failed. So now, you can see a normal dog with wings on the beach. How cool a sight.

category : TRICKY | AMAZING

Optical Illusion : Astronauts forming Skull

We are back with another Skull Illusion for our readers. You can easily spot two astronauts in the picture right? Or were you too lost into the skull that has been formed using them with the background? Someone has done an amazing job with this illusion. The background is of moon and serves well as the head of the skull. It might have been optimized but the end result is just amazing right?

category : ANAMORPHIC

Optical Illusion : Creepy Tree

This image has surly been modified a little. But the result is excellent and it does not appear as fake. Even without the skull illusion this tree would have looked creepy enough but that illusion has made it even more eerie. Now it can surly be used as a movie poster of any horror movie. How did you find this skull illusion? Do leave your feedback in the comments section and don't forget to share it if you liked it.

Optical Illusion : Scary Death Trap Elevator 3d Art

What if the elevator's doors opened up and you found out this? We are pretty sure you will lose your balance even before taking your first step inside. Certainly such arts can give you a chill down your spine. But what an amazing art by the artist. It looks so real that most of us will not step inside before touching the floor with our bare hands and confirming that it is just an art.

category : ART | 3D

Optical Illusion : Popular Paradox Triangle

You might be a newbie to the world of paradox illusions but we are umpteenth time sure that you must have seen this particular image so many times (of course the colors and size can differ from this). This is because it is the popular most paradox illusion on the web. The reason is the simplicity of the illusion. At first look, this might look alright but on the second glance you will find that the edges are not meeting in a feasible manner. It can stand perfectly on any virtual medium but it won't exist in real world.

category : IMPOSSIBLE

Optical Illusion : Paris, Je T'aime Movie Poster

If you are fond of love stories, Paris, Je T'aime is a movie made for you. This is an interesting poster for the movie now. To glorify the true nature of the movie, you can see a red heart but what is it made up of? They are Eifel Towers stacked up in the formation of a heart. Justifies that the movie is based in Paris right? Do you ever wonder how these artist gets these awesome ideas for the movie posters?

category : COOL | ART

Optical Illusion : Bulged Out Sphere

Does this image appear three dimensional to you? Do you think that there is a sphere lying over the top of a checker board? If you think that, believe us, it is just your perception. This image is perfectly two dimensional only. Even the lines are perfectly parallel. There is no real bulging and it is just a circle of pattern. The circle appears to be as a sphere just because of the pattern that has been used inside it in comparison with the pattern that has been used outside i.e. black and white checkers.

Optical Illusion : Scary Pumpkin Carving

By all means, this pumpkin looks quite scary. We wonder if anybody is exposed to this sight at night, will he be scared or very scared. Gosh! Look at those fangs. It looks like he is all set to gulp down his next target or may be suck that damn blood from the victim. Other than the scary facial features, the artist has carved the entire pumpkin which is evident from this view of the camera. Most of the people just carve on one front but he has done quite some efforts to do it all the way round and the result is amazing.

category : ART

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