Optical Illusion : 127 Hours Movie Poster

Everyone knows the name Danny Boyle. The director gained popularity in many Asian countries after the release of Slumdog Millionaire for which he even won the academy award. 127 hours in another gem from the director and if you have not watched it till now, do take some time to watch it. Anyways, moving back to the illusion, you can see a man stuck in between two mountains. Well that was on the face but did you notice an hourglass at the backdrop? It has been formed by the mountains and the small piece of rock in the middle is acting as a separation. Mazing right?

category : ART | PERCEPTION


Optical Illusion : Impossible Cube Paradox

You must have figured out what has gone wrong in this picture the moment you looked at it right? It has been manipulated to form a paradox. If you try to create any real life hollow cube like this, the edges will never overlap like this. It can only be done virtually however by no means it is possible in real world. That is the motto of paradox illusions and we really think that this image serves the purpose well.

category : IMPOSSIBLE

Optical Illusion : Super Cool Upside Down Glasses

You can find such glasses at many stores. These are well suited for kids who can't help but admire the illusion. The print is made in a manner that when the glass is reversed, it still creates a picture that is by all means quite impressive. In this attached picture, you can see a girl crying when the glass is upside down and a happy guy when the glass is up.

category : COOL | ANAMORPHIC

Optical Illusion : Hyper Realistic Acrylic Masterpiece

You might have thought that it is an acrylic painting painted by some great artist. But what if we tell you that this is a real life model and what you are looking at is not a painting built a real life snap? You will be shocked right? You will watch it over and over again but you won't believe in us even then. Well if that I the case, you may Google the name Alexa Meade and you will know the truth. The artist is so phenomenal with her skills that it is just unbelievable for our minds when we are told that all what you see are real life objects and even real life model that have been painted to make them look like an acrylic painting.

Optical Illusion : Climbing to Moon

The moon is so reachable to this person. But we were taught about the distance in our schools. Then how come it can appear to be reachable? There are several reasons behind this illusion. Fore mostly, in all these illusions, we appreciate the creativity and effort of the photographers. So yes, this would not have been possible without proper distance and the camera angle. Then, the placement of the ladder was very important. The final result is awesome.

category : COOL | ANAMORPHIC

Optical Illusion : Creative Library

This is an amazing painting. Of course it can't exist in the real world but the sheer creativity is amazing to look at. The base is merging with the first level. At each levels, you can see a different doorway opening (through different doors). Well it certainly is a dream library. Consider the fact that you can actually read while sitting on a door that opens to space, sea, woods, sky etc. Who would not want to sit and read in such a library?

Optical Illusion : Converging Checkers

This is one of the simple physiological illusions. You can clearly see the checkers converging just right of the middle. Probably you can also feel like the two different planes are rolling down at that point. However, that is not true and this is only what you are perceiving. The reason behind this is the difference in the width of the checkers that is decreasing as they reach that point. It makes us think like they are ultimately falling down or rolling down at that point.

Optical Illusion : Classic Trippy Roller

Can you see the pattern rolling as if there were three giant rollers rolling simultaneously? Try to run your eyes from left to right and back and see the miracle happen.

category : TRIPPY | MOVING

Optical Illusion : Diagonal Grey Lines

As you move your eyes in the picture, can you spot the grey diagonal lines?

category : COOL

Optical Illusion : Romantic Couple

We still remember that this illusion gained a lot of popularity on the social media sites. This illusion can serve as an excellent example how our brain perceives information. Does something about this picture seem awkward to you? The girl sitting on sofa is actually looking quite manly while the boy is looking feminine. But can you perceive this picture as a guy sitting on sofa and a girl standing, her arms around the guy's neck? You will be shocked if you can. Isn't it amazing how our mind plays sometimes with the perception?

Optical Illusion : Musical Instrument or a Face

This is a beautiful piece of art. You can see the musical instrument in this picture. Two strings have been broken but they form a crucial part of the other image we are perceiving through this illusion. That images is of a beautiful women's face. The shape of the instrument is forming the curves of the face while the torn strings act as the hair strands falling over her face. The background of cloudy sky makes this overall illusion extremely serene.

category : ART | FACE

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