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Story Puzzles And Riddles #1 - Great Escape Riddle

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As illustrated in the image below, a boy is fighting for his life.
This is definitely the worst possible scenario for the boy as there are multiple life threats at the same time

Threat-1: If the boy moves toward the right a snake is ready to bite and put his life to end

Threat-2: A hungry Lion is roaring and waiting for the boy to drop and be his dinner.

Threat-3: The two crocodile in the river waiting for the chopped branch to break so that boy can fall in the water.

Choose an escape plan for the boy?

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Story Puzzles And Riddles #2 - Sheldon Teases Leonard Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

To tease Leonard Hofstadter, Sheldon cooper gave him 10$ and ask him to buy
- Something their friend Howard can eat.
- Something their neighbor penny can drink.
- Something their friend Raj's cow can eat.
- Something his girlfriend Amy can plant in her garden.
Also, he can buy only one thing.

Leonard buys something that silenced Sheldon. What did he buy?

Story Puzzles And Riddles #3 - Akbar Birbal Court Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

A man was brought to Akbar's court and he found the man guilt of a little offense. HE decided to punish the man and asked him to make a statement. If the statement is held true by Akbar, the man will be killed by hanging him to death and if the statement is held false, the man will be killed by giving poison.

The man was confused. He did not know what to say. Therefore, he looked at Birbal and asked for suggestion. Birbal thought for a while and decided to help him, as he had not committed a major offense. He told something in his ear and the man then said the statement to Akbar.

After hearing the statement, Akbar could not kill him. What was the statement?

Story Puzzles And Riddles #4 - Short Story Birbal Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

Once Akbar challenged Birbal. He asked Birbal to write a line on wall which when read in happy times makes you sad but when read in sad times makes you happy.

What would he have written to satisfy the conditions given by his king?

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Story Puzzles And Riddles #5 - Awesome World War Story Brain Teaser

Difficulty Popularity

A women was telling the heroic tale of her late husband to her grandchildren.

'When the First World War was about to end, your grandpa was awarded for his extreme bravery and heroism. While on the war, an enemy threw a grenade at their troupe. But before it could explode, your grandpa picked it up and threw it back on the enemy battalion. For this, he was awarded a sword with the engraving - 'Awarded for portrayal of extreme bravery and valor in the World War I'.'

Upon hearing this, one of the grand child stood up and said, 'You are fooling us with false story.'

The story was indeed fake. But how did he come to know that it was not true?

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Story Puzzles And Riddles #6 - How This Is Possible Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

Donald lived in a rural are with his wife. On a certain night, his wife complained of severe pain. He hurriedly called the doctor and told him that his wife might be having appendicitis.

The doctor was surprised. This was because he had himself taken out his wife's appendix about three years ago.

When diagnosed, Donald's wife was came up with positive reports of appendicitis. Can you explain how that is possible?

Story Puzzles And Riddles #7 - Famous Story Riddles From History

Difficulty Popularity

Once upon a time, Emperor Akbar was the ruler of India. In his court, he had the much talked about Nine Gems out of which, one was Birbal, particularly known for his quick wit and intelligence.

The word of mouth spread faster than a fire in the forest and a distant king felt the eagerness to meet Birbal. He sent an invitation for Birbal to come and visit his country.

When Birbal arrived to his kingdom, he was welcomed and was escorted to the palace. Inside the palace, he found out that there were six kings sitting in front of him. Each of them were a lookalike with same robes.

But who was the king? He got his answer very soon and then approached him to bow in front of him.

How did Birbal find out who the real king was?

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Story Puzzles And Riddles #8 - Funny Story Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

Some time back, there was a bus conductor who was pretty rude with the passengers every day. On a fine morning, a beautiful young lady tried to board the bus. But the conductor did not stop the bus. The lady was run over by the bus and was killed right on the spot. The passengers became quite angry with the conductor and took him to the nearest police station. At the police station, the police looked after the case and decided to throw him in the court for trial. The judge was very angry with the conductor and sentenced him to death by electrocution.

The conductor was taken to the electrocution chamber. In that room, there was a chair in the center of the room. There was also a banana peel in one corner of the room. The conductor looked at it as he was strapped to the chair. Then, he was exposed to a high voltage current. But everyone was shocked as he survived it. Since it was impossible, the judge thought it was a miracle and allowed him freedom.

The bus conductor returned back to his profession. After a few months, a middle aged lady tried to board the bus. The conductor did not stop the bus and as a result, she was run over and died instantly. The passengers were agitated. They took him to the nearest police station. The police took him again to the court. In the court, the judge became very angry seeing him again. He sentenced him to death again.

He was again taken to the electrocution chamber, where a seat sat in the center of the room and a banana peel lied in one corner. The conductor looked at the banana peel while he was strapped to the chair. He was then exposed to a high voltage current. But he was able to survive yet again. Everyone was surprised and shocked again. He was granted freedom again by a surprised judge. Taking this as a lesson, the conductor decides to become a good person.

He returns back to his profession. After a few days, an old aged lady tries to board the bus. The conductor stops the bus for him but the lady slips while boarding and is killed by the injuries. The passengers take him back to the police who takes him to the court again. The judge after listening to the case knows that he is innocent in this particular case. But seeing his previous record, he sentences him to death.

He is again taken to the electrocution chamber with the same chair in the center and the same banana peel in one corner of the room. He is strapped to the chair and exposed to a high voltage current. Everyone is surprised as this time, the conductor is killed.

Why did he die this time while he survived the previous two times?

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Story Puzzles And Riddles #9 - Short Story Brain Teaser

Difficulty Popularity

An old man was dying and so he called his three sons. He gave them equal money and ask them to buy something that can fill their living room entirely. He told them that he will give all his money and property to the son who is able to do this task as asked.

The first son buys sticks and tries to fill the room but he falls short of sticks. The second sun buys straw but he also falls short of filling the room. The third son buys only two things and he is able to fill the room completely and thus earns all the property and money.

What did he buy?

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Story Puzzles And Riddles #10 - Long Funny Brain Teaser

Difficulty Popularity

A child is called by the principal of the school along with his parents. The principal complains to his parents that he remains absent for most of the days from school. On being asked by the parents, the child forms an innocent face and blurts out the following:

There is not enough time to attend the school for me. Doctors say that a child must sleep for eight hours every day and so I sleep for 122 days a year (8 hours each day for 365 days). The weekends are officially off and thus in a year, the school remains shut for 104 days. The school gives us 60 days of summer holidays off every year. I chew my food adequately and thus it takes me an hour for each meal adding to 3 hours every day or 45 days in a year. For keeping me physically and mentally fit, I spend 2 hours daily in exercise and recreational activities which adds to 30 days a year. If you add all these days, you will get 361 days and thus I am left with just 4 days to attend the school.

The parents and principal are baffled by hearing it. Where do you think the child is miscalculating as this is certainly not feasible?

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