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Measurement Brain Teasers #1 - Measure Water Supply Brain Teaser

Difficulty Popularity

You had an infinite supply of water and a 5 ml and 3 ml gallons.

How would you measure exactly 4 ml in least number of steps ?

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Measurement Brain Teasers #2 - Equal Distribute Bottles and Oil Measure Problem

Difficulty Popularity

You are distributing vegetable oil. There are 21 bottles in total out of which 7 are full, 7 half empty and 7 empty. The oils has to be distributed among three people.

How will you distribute so that each person gets equal number of bottles and the same quantity of oil?

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Measurement Brain Teasers #3 - Easy Measuring Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

A recipe requires 15 minutes to cook. You have a 7 minutes hourglass and an 11 minutes hourglass with you. How will you measure 15 minutes using them?

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Measurement Brain Teasers #4 - Famous Burning Rope Measure Time Problem

Difficulty Popularity

Two ropes are given to you. Both of the ropes will take exactly an hour each to burn fully.

You are asked to measure forty five minutes using the two ropes. How will you achieve to do it?

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Measurement Brain Teasers #5 - Water Measurement Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

A barman is having a 12 liters jug full of beer. He needs to divide or split that beer into two equal parts. All he has is two empty jugs of capacity 8 liters and 5 liters.

How will he do it using them?

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Measurement Brain Teasers #6 - Water Gallon Brain Teaser

Difficulty Popularity

This is a logical test and if you can do it then you have a better logical mind than half of the population.
There are two measuring baskets: one has the capacity of 5 gallons and the other has the capacity of 3 gallons. If you are given with unlimited supply of any liquid, how will you measure 4 gallons of that liquid in the least moves?

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Measurement Brain Teasers #7 - Impossible Brain Teaser

Difficulty Popularity

In a recreational activity, you are given four different jars of 2 liters, 4 liters, 6 liters and 8 liters respectively with an unlimited water supply. Then you are asked to measure exactly 5 liters of water using them.

How will you do it?

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Measurement Brain Teasers #8 - Math IQ Question

Difficulty Popularity

Adam is one of the finalist in an IQ championship. As the final test, he is provided with two hourglass. One of them can measure eleven minutes while the other one can measure thirteen minutes.
He is asked to measure exactly fifteen minutes using those two hourglasses. How will he do it ?

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Measurement Brain Teasers #9 - Measuring Time Logic Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

You are given with two ropes with variable width. However if we start burning both the ropes, they will burn at exactly same time i.e. an hour. The ropes are non-homogeneous in nature. You are asked to measure 45 minutes by using these two ropes.

How can you do it?

Please note that you can’t break the rope in half as it is being clearly stated that the ropes are non-homogeneous in nature.

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Measurement Brain Teasers #10 - Interview Hourglass Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

I have two hourglasses
A) Measures an exact 7 hours
B) Measures an exact 4 hours.

Using these two hour glasses, you need to measure an exact nine hours ?

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