The social platforms specifically Facebook has given prominence to Riddles with Picture. Not that they were not being used earlier but they have gained a sudden popularity due to the social platforms. Riddles with Picture as the name suggests offer you a picture in which the question is situated and you have to find the solution through the picture. Following are tons of Riddles with Picture brought to you by GPuzzles.Com.

#11 - Presence Of Mind Picture Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

By adding three letters, can you move image from

#12 - Ball Series Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

In this famous ball puzzle, can you complete the series by finding the value of "?"

#13 - Maze Exchange Ball Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

You need to complete the maze by entering from the entrance (near yellow circle - bottom left) and they leave from the exit point (near green circle - bottom middle).

You need to follow below rules:
1. You can go through one circle more than once.
2. You can move only by exchanging green and yellow circles.

category : LOGIC | PICTURE

#14 - Decipher MatchSticks Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

Can you decipher the two rows to find the hidden word?

#15 - Awesome Kind And Four Rooks Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

The black king is placed as shown in the picture below. You are playing as white and given four rooks. You need to place one Rook at a time and ensure the black king will always be in check state. After four moves you need to guarantee the checkmate position.
How will you do this?

category : LOGIC | PICTURE

#16 - Which Tank Will Fill First Brain Teaser

Difficulty Popularity

Famous tank fill brainteaser is shown in the picture below. Can you tell us which tank will fill first?

category : LOGIC | PICTURE

#17 - Find The Hidden Objects (Mobile Phone) Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

Can you find the hidden mobile phone in the picture below?

category : PICTURE

#18 - Be Detective And Find The Thief Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

You need to be a detective and need to find the thief in the puzzle below?

category : MYSTERY | PICTURE

#19 - Most Popular Murder Or Suicide Whatsapp Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

It's one of the most popular puzzles in WhatsApp.
By seeing the image below, you need to figure out if it's a Murder or Suicide?

category : MYSTERY | PICTURE

#20 - Ball Pyramid Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

Can you count the numbers of the ball in the famous ball pyramid puzzle?

category : LOGIC | PICTURE

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