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#11 - Presence Of Mind Picture Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

By adding three letters, can you move image from

#12 - Detective James Gordon - Code Breaking Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

Detective James Gordon needs to access a secret door that can be accessed only by a code. The code is about 7 characters and consists of numbers and alphabets. There was a picture just above the door as shown below with the text "You force heaven to be empty".

Can you help Detective James Gordon to break the code?

category : LOGIC | CIPHER

#13 - Jigsaw Game Of Death Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

Jigsaw forced Mahrez and Vardy to play the game of death.
Jigsaw placed 11 marbles at the table and asked Mahrez and Vardy to pick marble(s) one by one with the following rules:
1. You need to pick at least one marble.
2. You can't pick more than five marbles.

The one that picks the last marble will die.

Mahrez to start the game.

How many marbles must Mahrez pick in order to make sure that he came out from the game alive?

category : LOGIC

#14 - Tricky Equation To Solve Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

29 - 1 = 30
9 - 1 = 10
14 - 1 = 15

Based on above logic, can you prove that
11 - 1 = 10 ?

#15 - Fun With Maths Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

Let us say there are two natural numbers 'A' and 'B'. We performed eight operations on two numbers as

Step-1: A = B
Step-2: A x A = B x A
Step-3: A^2 - B^2 = AB - B^2
Step-4: (A + B)( A - B) = B(A - B)
Step-5: A + B = B
Step-6: B + B = B
Step-7: 2B = B
Step- 8: 2 = 1

What's the trick?
category : MATHS | EQUATION

#16 - Best Ramanujan Birthday Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

Today is Ramanujan birthday.
A year Ago on his birthday, he had five candles and he lit all except the last one.
Today he is going to light all the candles.

How old is Ramanujan Today?

Note: He is not turning five today.

category : LOGIC | MATHS

#17 - Best Who Am I Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

I have one eye but still, i am blind.
I have a sea but there is no water.
I have a bee but there is no honey.
I have a tea but there is no coffee
Moreover, I have why but sadly there is no answer.

Who Am I ?

#18 - Ball Series Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

In this famous ball puzzle, can you complete the series by finding the value of "?"

#19 - Name Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

I am a son of a chemist and a mathematician.
People called me Iron59.

What's my name?

#20 - Maze Exchange Ball Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

You need to complete the maze by entering from the entrance (near yellow circle - bottom left) and they leave from the exit point (near green circle - bottom middle).

You need to follow below rules:
1. You can go through one circle more than once.
2. You can move only by exchanging green and yellow circles.

category : LOGIC | PICTURE

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