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Organization : Nemetschek Vectorworks
Position : Software Engineer

Nemetschek Vectorworks Interview Process

I applied at Nemetschek Vectorworks for the position of Software Engineer through an online application. I was interviewed at Nemetschek Vectorworks in 2013 and the process took more than a month. There were four rounds in the hiring process at Nemetschek Vectorworks - one telephonic screening and three On-Site Interviews.

Round 1 - Telephonic Screening
Telephonic Screening was the first thing. The interviewer mostly went over the overview of my resume. The questions were all expected and basic in nature. But after all that, the concentration moved from those questions to basic technical questions regarding OOPS and Java. After some thirty minutes of the screening, I was informed that my interview was scheduled after a week on site.

Round 2 - First On-Site Interview
This first round lasted about two hours and was the longest round in the entire process. The reason was that I was asked to write a few codes. There were three interviewers in this round and thus there was a bit of pressure residing over me. The codes were not hard but they were not easy as well. It took me some time to write. But I felt that they were impressed with my work. They all went cool after that and asked me some questions out of the technical bounds.

Round 3 - Second On-Site Round
This second round was with the VP of the company. Nothing much was asked as far as the technical things are concerned. He picked up my resume and went in depth with it. From top to bottom, I was asked questions on everything I had written. But the major focus was on the projects that I had mentioned in my resume. The methodology, the problems, the improvisations, the learnings, everything was asked over those projects. One thing I liked was that he himself had in-depth knowledge about everything.

Round 4 - HR interview
There was not much left for the HR to ask me. Everything about myself and my resume was already covered in the previous round. Thus, nothing much was asked in this round. The questions were the basic one that you are asked in almost every other interviews.
Q1. Where do you see yourself five years from now?
Q2. How will you maximize your output if you are selected for this position in our firm?
Q3. What if you get into a dispute with your team leader?

How to crack Nemetschek Vectorworks Interview

The foremost thing that I would like to share is that I did not like how the hiring process was stretched so much. A month is a big time and it took even more. But the thing that I liked is that I was duly informed about all the interview well before. This way, the interviews went on smooth which is quite something and gives you a satisfaction on the mental level.

Coming up to cracking the interviews, I would say that for each round, you need to prepare differently. Firstly you will face the telephonic interview for which you must be prepared with the Java and OOPS concepts and basic questions.

For the on-site round, you must be good in the coding. Nothing much was asked in this round and you will be judged by how good you are in coding. If your codes are good, then you will cast a good impression on the interviewers which will be a green signal for you mostly (until you do something very very wrong).

The VP round is thoroughly resume based. You will be asked never ending questions on your resume. So yes, be prepared especially with your past projects.

For the HR interview, you need not prepare anything. There will be some basic questions that you must have read everywhere. It is more of a formality.

Thanks Anmol for sharing the details of your interview.
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Crossing The River In Minimum Time Puzzle

Four people need to cross a dark river at night.

* They have only one torch and the river is too risky to cross without the torch.
* If all people cross simultaneously then torch light wont be sufficient.
* Speed of each person of crossing the river is different.cross time for each person is 1 min, 2 minutes, 7 minutes and 10 minutes.

What is the shortest time needed for all four of them to cross the river ?

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Game Of Dice Brain Teaser

A unique solo game of dice is being played. Two dices are thrown in each turn and the scores are taken by multiplying the numbers obtained.

Now talking about a particular game, here are the facts:
1) The score for the second roll is five more than the score for the first roll.
2) The score for the third roll is six less than the score for the second roll.
3) The score for the fourth roll is eleven more than the score for the third roll.
4) The score for the fifth roll is eight less than the score for the fourth roll.

Reading the above facts, can you tell the score for each of the five throws?

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Hard Logic Statement Riddle

There are a hundred statements.
1st person says: At least one of the statements is incorrect.
2nd person says: At least two of the statements is incorrect.
3rd person says: At least three of the statements are incorrect.
4th person says: At least four of the statements are incorrect.
100th person says: At least a hundred of the statements are incorrect.

Now analyze all the statements and find out how many of them are incorrect and how many are true?

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Logical Interview Problem

Jonathan has three boxes containing milk chocolates and dark chocolates. The problem is that all of them have been labeled incorrectly as follows.
Box1: Dark Chocolates
Box2: Milk Chocolates
Box3: Dark Chocolates and Milk Chocolates

How will he label all the boxes correctly by just opening one box?

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Famous Water Jug Problem

You live in Dubai and had an infinite supply of oil and a 5 liters and 3 liters jar,
how would you measure exactly 4 liters (of-course in minimum numbers of step) ?

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Toothpick Donkey Puzzle

The toothpicks in the picture have been arranged to form a donkey shaped figure. You have to move two matchsticks in a way that the entire shape is rotated / reflected while being intact. Also, you can't change the tail's direction it should be pointing up.

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Knockout Matches Logical Problem

Let us say that a table tennis tournament was going on with knock out terms which means the one who loses the match is out of the tournament. 100 players took part in that tournament.

How many matches were played?

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Very Hard Math Question

There stand nine temples in a row in a holy place. All the nine temples have 100 steps climb. A fellow devotee comes to visit the temples. He drops a Re. 1 coin while climbing each of the 100 steps up. Then he offers half of the money he has in his pocket to the god. After that, he again drops Re. 1 coin while climbing down each of the 100 steps of the temple.

If he repeats the same process at each temple, he is left with no money after climbing down the ninth temple. Can you find out the total money he had with him initially?

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Popular Logical Brain Teaser

A couple had to take shelter in a hotel for they could not proceed their journey in the rain. Having nothing to do at all, they started playing cards. Suddenly there was a short circuit and the lights went off. The husband inverted the position of 15 cards in the deck (52 cards normal deck) and shuffled the deck.

Now he asked his wife to divide the deck into two different piles which may not be equal but both of them should have equal number of cards facing up. There was no source of light in the room and the wife was unable to see the cards.

For a certain amount of time, she thought and then divided the cards in two piles. To the husband’s astonishment, both of the piles had equal number of cards facing up.

How did she do it?

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Famous Lion Tamer Interesting Puzzle

You are trapped with a lion in a cage with 1 unit as its radius. Both you and the lion can run effortlessly at the speed of one unit.

1) The lion is quite hungry and all he wants is to catch you and eat you up. Will he be able to do that?
2) If yes, how long do you have till he does that?

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