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Interview Process   |   Interview Puzzles / Aptitude
Organization : Infogain
Position : Software Developer
I gave the interview in October end and it comprise of three different rounds in total. I am mentioning the details below:

First Round: Written Round
The total time given for this round was 70 minutes. There were three different sections in this written test:
  • 10 English Questions

  • 30 Questions of Quant

  • 20 technical questions

  • The English questions were easy for me and the most difficult ones were the technical questions. It consisted of some tricky c/c++ questions and sql related questions. Watch out for the time as you may run short of that.

    Second Round: HR Interview
    The HR interview round consisted of two different parts.

    ===Casual HR Questions===
  • A brief information about yourself

  • Your strength and weakness

  • What do you do to overcome your weakness?

  • Tell me your thoughts about Infogain

  • Where do you see yourself after 5-6 years

  • ===Tehnical Questions and Aptitude Questions====
  • A reasoning aptitude problem

  • Difference between struts1 and struts2

  • Sorting arrays

  • Pattern

  • Any five OS

  • Third Round: Technical Round
    This was the most difficult round and I had a hard time answering the questions. I am mentioning some of the questions I remember:
  • Program to find duplicate number from array in minimum time complexity.

  • String Handling

  • WAP to show polymorphism

  • Overall, the interview was not too hard but it was not easy either. You must prepare well as the technical round can be a difficult one to crack.

    Thanks Anmol for sharing the details of your interview.
    Send more details and your personal experiences info@gpuzzles.com
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    Induction Brain Teasers

    Three college toppers are summoned by the inspecting faculty. To identify the best from them, the faculty takes them into a room and places one hat on each of their heads. Now all of them can see the hats on other’s heads but can’t see his own. There are two colored hats – green and red.

    Now the faculty announces that he had made sure that the competition is extremely fair to all three of them. He also gives them a hint that at least one of them is wearing a red hat. Now the first one who is able to deduce his own hat color will be awarded the most intelligent student of all award. After a few minutes, one of them raises his hand and is able to deduce the color correctly.


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    Logic Problem Brain Teaser

    The world is facing a serious viral infection. The government of various countries have issued every citizen two bottles. You as well have been given the same. Now one pill from each bottle is to be taken every day for a month to become immune to the virus. The problem is that if you take just one, or if you take two from the same bottle, you will die a painful death.

    While using it, you hurriedly open the bottles and pour the tablets in your hand. Three tablets come down in your hand and you realize they look exactly the same and have same characteristics. You can’t throw away the pill as they are limited and you can’t put them back or you may put it wrong and may die someday.

    How will you ensure that you are taking the right pill?

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    Tricky Logic Question

    A claustrophobic person boards a train that is just about to enter a tunnel.

    Which place will be the best for him to sit?

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    Math IQ Question

    Adam is one of the finalist in an IQ championship. As the final test, he is provided with two hourglass. One of them can measure eleven minutes while the other one can measure thirteen minutes.
    He is asked to measure exactly fifteen minutes using those two hourglasses. How will he do it ?

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    Hard Logic Puzzle

    A great meeting is held by a great logician where all the other logicians are called upon. The master logician takes them in a room and makes them sit in circle. A hat is placed on each of their heads. Now all of them can see the color of hats others are wearing but can’t see his own. They are told that there different colors of hats.

    The master logician explains that a bell will be rung at regular intervals and the moment when a logician knows the color of his hat, he will leave on the next bell. If anyone leaves at the wrong bell, he will be disqualified and sent home.

    All of them are assured of one thing that the puzzle will not be impossible for anyone of them. How will they manage the situation?

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    Lateral Thinking Problem

    Suppose there is a Christmas tree and four angels are sitting on it amidst the other ornaments. Two of them have black halos and two of them have white halos. No body among them can see above their head. Angel A is sitting on the top branch and can see angels B and C sitting below him. B can see C who is sitting in a branch lower than his. Angel D is at the base of the tree and can't be seen due to the branches in between. Also, he can't see anybody as well.

    If they are asked to guess the color of their own halo (they dont know that), who do you think will be able to deduce and speak up first with a right answer?

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    Toothpick Donkey Puzzle

    The toothpicks in the picture have been arranged to form a donkey shaped figure. You have to move two matchsticks in a way that the entire shape is rotated / reflected while being intact. Also, you can't change the tail's direction it should be pointing up.

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    Knockout Matches Logical Problem

    Let us say that a table tennis tournament was going on with knock out terms which means the one who loses the match is out of the tournament. 100 players took part in that tournament.

    How many matches were played?

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    Impossible Brain Teaser

    In a recreational activity, you are given four different jars of 2 liters, 4 liters, 6 liters and 8 liters respectively with an unlimited water supply. Then you are asked to measure exactly 5 liters of water using them.

    How will you do it?

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    IAS Interview Problem

    I need to divide numbers from 1 to 9 into two group such that sum of numbers in one group is equal to the sum of other group.
    Note : 6 cannot be flipped over to make it 9.

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