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Infosys Interview Puzzles have been brought to you by GPuzzles.Com. The basic motive behind this post is to make the students (preparing for the interview) aware of the structure of Interview Questions in Infosys.

A Basic info about the company:
Infosys (formerly Infosys Technologies) is an Indian global provider of business consulting, information technology, software engineering and outsourcing services. It is headquartered in Bengaluru, Karnataka. Infosys is the third-largest India-based IT services company by 2012 proceeds, and the second largest employer of H-1B visa professionals in the United States, as of 2012. On 28 March 2013, its market capitalization was $30.8 billion, making it India's sixth largest publicly traded company

The following Infosys Interview Puzzles will help you brush up your skills and will make you more confident while giving the interview.
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Infosys Interview Puzzle - Aptitude #1 - Infosys Interview Statement Problems With Answer

Difficulty Popularity

A car company carried out a survey on the twenty five new cars being sold at a dealer's showroom in order to check if the cars were installed with air conditioning, music player and power windows. Following are some points that were accumulated over the survey.
a) 15 cars had air conditioning.
b) 2 cars had air conditioning and power windows but no music player.
c) 12 cars had music player
d) 6 cars had air conditioning and music player but no power windows were present
e) 11 cars had power windows
f) 1 car had music player and power windows but no air conditioning
g) 3 cars had all the three things installed

How many cars have none of the things installed?
a) Four
b) Three
c) Two
d) One

How many cars have only one of the three things installed?
a) Ten
b) Eleven
c) Twelve
d) Thirteen

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Infosys Interview Puzzle - Aptitude #2 - Infosys Original Count Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

Richa, Shruti and Sayali went to a restaurant to celebrate the birthday of Shruti. After having the lunch and paying the bill, they were presented by a bowl of mints. Richa went on to grab first and took one-third of the total mints but on being taunted by Shruti, she returned four back. Then Shruti took one-fourth of the left mints and accidentally dropped three back. Sayali took half of the remaining mints but flipped two back into the bowl. Now the bowl was left with seventeen mints.

How many mints were present originally?
a) 41
b) 38
c) 31
d) None of the above

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Infosys Interview Puzzle - Aptitude #3 - Interview Statement Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

Seven friends are invited to a party. All of them sit along one side of a rectangular table.

Andrew and Gemmy have to leave the party early and thus must be seated at the extreme right end of the table as that is closest to the exit.
Bella grabs the center most seat.
Chris and Duke does not go along well with each other and thus must be seated as far as possible.
Edward and Felicia are lovers and wants to sit together.

Q1. Which of them may not be seated at either end of the table?
a) Chris
b) Duke
c) Gemmy
d) Felicia

Q2. Which pair out of the following cannot sit together?
a) Edward and Andrew
b) Bella and Duke
c) Chris and Felicia
d) Gemmy and Duke

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Infosys Interview Puzzle - Aptitude #4 - Interview Statement Problem

Difficulty Popularity

Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon and Zeta are friends. Out of them, two are housewives, one lecturer, one architect, one accountant and a lawyer. Two marries couples also exist in the group of friends. The lawyer is married to Delta who is a housewife. None of the ladies of the group is an architect or an accountant. Gamma, the accountant is married to Zeta who is a lecturer. Alpha is married to Delta. Epsilon is not a housewife.

Q1. What is the profession of Epsilon?
a) Accountant
b) Lawyer
c) Lecturer
d) Architect

Q2. How many of the group are males?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

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Infosys Interview Puzzle - Aptitude #5 - Interview Detective Murder Mystery Questions

Difficulty Popularity

Nikita has been murdered. Anita, Vinita and Priyanka were the only people who visited her before the murder. Read the below information carefully.
a) The murderer is one of the three girls who visited Nikita.
b) The murderer visited Nikita later than at least one of the other two visitors.
c) One of the three visitors was a detective who visited earlier than at least one of the two visitors.
d) The detective visited at midnight
e) Nether Anita nor Vinita visited at the midnight.
f) The earlier arriver between Vinita and Priyanka was not the detective
g) The later arriver between Anita and Priyanka was not the murderer.

Q1. Who was the one to visit earliest?
a) Priyanka
b) Vinita
c) Anita
d) Not sufficient data

Q2. Who is the murderer among the three girls?
a) Priyanka
b) Vinita
c) Anita
d) Not sufficient data

Q3. Who is the detective among them?
a) Anita
b) Priyanka
c) Vinita
d) Not sufficient data

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Infosys Interview Puzzle - Aptitude #6 - Interview Which Statement Is Correct Answer Questions

Difficulty Popularity

For the following questions, you are given with two statements with some data. Decide whether the given data in the statements are appropriate to answer the questions. The answer is correct:
1) If Statement I alone is appropriate but Statement II alone is not appropriate.
2) If Statement II alone is appropriate but Statement I alone is not appropriate.
3) If both statements I and II together are appropriate but neither of statements alone is appropriate.
4) If each statement alone is appropriate.
5) If Statement I and II together are not appropriate.

Q1. Ten kids are eating their lunch. What is the average age of the ten kids?
a) The average age of the six younger kids is 4 years.
b) The average age of the four older kids is 8 years.

Q12. If two trains are 80 yards and 85 yards long respectively, what are the speeds of the two trains? Take up that the former is faster than later.
a) 7.5 seconds is the time they take to pass each other when they run in opposite direction
b) 37.5 seconds is the time they take to pass each other when they run in same direction

Q3. Can you find out the probability of two men and one women chosen to form a secret organization are all Indians?
a) Four men and Three Women are present in total
b) Three of them are Indians

Q4. If you are given with a metal comprising of 200 cm3 volume, how many right circular cylinders can you craft out of it of equal size?
a) The height of the cylinder and diameter are equal
b) The slant surface of every cylinder is 45 square centimeters

Q5 We have a four litres solutions of sodium chloride and water which consists of A litres of Sodium Chloride and B litres of water. How many litres of sodium chloride are present in the solution?
a) A/4 = 3/8
b) B/4 = 5/8

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Infosys Interview Puzzle - Aptitude #7 - Time Work Interview Problem

Difficulty Popularity

Two passenger trains are traveling in opposite direction. The distance between them is 110 Kms. One of them starts at 4 AM and the other starts at 5 AM on a velocity of 20 and 25 KMPH respectively.

What is the time when they both will meet?

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Infosys Interview Puzzle - Aptitude #8 - Time Work Interview Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

The water supplies in a village has been destroyed. A social corporation begins distributing water jugs in the village. The jugs can be passed only to two persons in five minutes.

How long will it take to pass the water jugs to 768 persons?

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Infosys Interview Puzzle - Aptitude #9 - Number Series Interview Problem With Answer

Difficulty Popularity

Can you deduce the missing number in the series ?

5, 10, 13, 26, 29, 58, 61, ?

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Infosys Interview Puzzle - Aptitude #10 - Maths Range Interview Problem

Difficulty Popularity

1000 students study in a renowned college. Of all the mass, 200 students are studying science. Out of those 200 students, 130 are studying Chemistry and 150 are studying Biology. Assume that at least 30 students are neither studying Chemistry nor Biology.

Can you calculate the range of students who are studying both Chemistry and Biology ?

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