Autonomy Corporation Software Interview Puzzles have been brought to you by GPuzzles.Com. The basic motive behind this post is to make the students (preparing for the interview) aware of the structure of Interview Questions in Autonomy Corporation.

A Basic info about the company:
Autonomy Corporation laid its roots in 1966 in Cambridge. It was a global enterprise software corporation.

The corporation made use of a blend of technologies evolving out of research at the University of Cambridge. It produced a range of enterprise search and knowledge administration applications using adaptive pattern acknowledgement techniques balanced over Bayesian inference in unification with traditional methods.

Autonomy was taken over by Hewlett-Packard (HP) in October 2011.

The following Autonomy Corporation Interview Puzzles will help you brush up your skills and will make you more confident while giving the interview.
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Autonomy Corporation Software Interview Puzzle - Aptitude #1 - Probability Brain Teaser Question

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You are standing on the verge of making a fortune. You have fifty precious stones and fifty non-precious stones. You are provided with two bags labelled as Heads and Tails respectively. What you have to do is distribute the stones in these two bags. After that a coin will be flipped and what comes (heads or tails) will decide you will pick up a stone randomly from which bag.

How will you be distributing the stones so that you maximize the probability of picking up a precious stone? If you pick it, all precious stones will be yours.

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Autonomy Corporation Software Interview Puzzle - Aptitude #2 - Chances Of Second Girl Child Problem

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tipli and pikli are a married couple (dont ask me who he is and who she is)

They have two children, one of the child is a boy. Assume safely that the probability of each gender is 1/2.
What is the probability that the other child is also a boy?

Hint: It is not 1/2 as you would first think.

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Autonomy Corporation Software Interview Puzzle - Aptitude #3 - NewsPaper Riddle

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A newspaper is supposed to have 60 pages.Pages 14 and 21 are missing from the newspaper.

Can you tell me , Which other pages won't be there as well ?

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Autonomy Corporation Software Interview Puzzle - Aptitude #4 - Water Gallon Puzzle

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There are 3 gallons A B C.

Gallon A having max capacity of 8 liters is currently filled with 5 liters of Water.
Gallon B having max capacity of 5 liters is currently filled with 3 liters of Water.
Gallon C having max capacity of 3 liters is currently filled with 2 liters of Water.

How can you measure 1 liter of Water in minimum number of steps ?

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Autonomy Corporation Software Interview Puzzle - Aptitude #5 - TCS Aptitude Interview Puzzle

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If two painters can complete painting of two rooms in two hours.

How many painters would be needed to to paints eighteen rooms in six hours ?

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