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A Basic info about the company:
Aldata Solution Oyj in 2003, is a Finnish company that develops mainly in retail - and wholesale trade and logistics software, or information technology trade throughout the value chain. The company is headquartered in Vantaa, Finland. The company's shares had previously been listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange, but the price ended in August 2012 Symphony Technology redeemed of the company.

Before you plan on giving interviews, you must read and solve these Aldata Solution Oyj Interview Puzzles as they can brush up your aptitude and puzzle solving skills enabling you with a better confidence in the actual interview.
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Aldata Solution Oyj Interview Puzzle - Aptitude #1 - Distance and Speed Interview Question

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Peter travels 20 km a day uniformly. John starts from the same point peter started after three days. He travels at a speed of 15 km a day on the first day, at 19 km a day of the second day and so on following an arithmetic progression.

In how many days will he catch up with Peter?

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Aldata Solution Oyj Interview Puzzle - Aptitude #2 - Climbing Ant Interview Puzzle

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An ant climbs 6 meters and falls 3 meters in the alternate minutes. How much time will the ant take to climb a wall that is 60 meters high?

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Aldata Solution Oyj Interview Puzzle - Aptitude #3 - Bouncing Object Interview Puzzle

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A round bouncing object is dropped from a building of height 20 feet. Every time it touches the floor, it bounces back to a height which is one half of the height of the last bounce.

If you measure till the objects comes to rest, how much distance would it have covered by then?

a) 30 feet
b) 40 feet
c) 50 feet
d) 60 feet

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Aldata Solution Oyj Interview Puzzle - Aptitude #4 - Genentech Interview Popular Series Question

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Find out the next number in the series
13, 44, 88, 176, 847, __?

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Aldata Solution Oyj Interview Puzzle - Aptitude #5 - Logical Marble Riddle

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There is a box which have 33 yellow marbles and 35 green marbles. You also have 34 green marbles outside the box.

Randomly remove two marbles from the box.
* If they are of different colors, put the yellow one back in the box.
* If they are the same color, take them out and put a green marble back in the box.

Repeat this until only one marble remains in the box.

What is the color of the sole marble left in the box ?

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