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#11 - MCQ Statement Probability Riddle

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Can you analyse what is the probability of meeting someone in your lifetime who is having an above average number of arms?

1) Impossible
2) Unlikely
3) Fifty Fifty
4) Fairly Likely
5) Certain

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#12 - Calculate Floor Bias Puzzle

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A 51% tail bias coin is used to toss a 52% bias for head in order to get fair result.

In such situation, can you calculate the bias of the floor?

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#13 - Hard Probability Brain Teaser

Difficulty Popularity

There are two houses - House P and House Q. In both P and Q lives a family with two children each.

The House P has a family with a boy who loves to play football. Their other child likes to swim.

The house Q has a family with a six year old boy who loves to read and they have just had a new baby.

You are asked:
Which of the given houses is likely to have a girl child?

What will you answer?

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#14 - Saw Movie Probability Mind Teaser

Difficulty Popularity

You are trapped in one of the deathtraps laid by Jigsaw from the popular movie franchise Saw. In this trap, you are lying down in a bed strapped tightly with no choice other than listening to the video tape that is playing in front of you. A gun is raised and you see that the chambers are empty. A mechanical hand puts two bullets in the adjacent chambers of the barrel and then the barrel closes. The barrel is then spun.

The first shot is fired at you and it turns out to be empty. Now the video tape tells you that you have two options. You can either ask for the barrel to be spun again or ask for the second shot without spinning. If the second shot turns out to be empty, you will be spared.

What will you decide?

Also, for an alternative case, what will you do if the bullets are not placed in the adjacent chambers?

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#15 - Independent Events Probability Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

In a drawer, five pair of socks folded together with their matching color lies. These five colors are: Pink, Orange, Green, Purple and Yellow. Each color has only one corresponding pair of socks.

It is night time and you can't see anything in the drawer. You take out a random pair of socks and before you can wear them, you keep them back and pick again. Now, you haven't seen the color yet. Can you calculate the probability that both the times you picked up, you picked pinks socks?

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#16 - Interesting Coin Probability Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

A man tosses three coins in the air. When they land, he finds that two of the coins have heads up and one has tails up.

What is the probability that when the coins are tossed again, they will land again with two heads up and one tails up.

Please note that the coins are unbiased.

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#17 - Hard Probability Problem

Difficulty Popularity

There is no electricity in your home. You have to wear socks. You trace the drawer and find out that there are four socks in your drawer. The socks can be either black or white. You take out two of the socks from the drawer. Now the probability that the two socks are black is 1/2.

Can you calculate the probability of taking out a pair of white socks from the drawer?

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#18 - Hard Probability Question

Difficulty Popularity

Imagine a situation in your mind. You are playing a coin game with your friend where you have pre-decided the sequence that you require. The coin is fair and you both keep tossing it till you get the desired sequence.

The predefined sequence for you is H T H.
The predefined sequence for your friend is H T T.

You keep tossing the coin and writing it down till you get the required sequence. You play several games and at the end, the one with the average score less will win.

Game 1 result:
You: H T T H T H
Your score: 6
Your friend: H T H H H T H H T T
Your friends' score: 10

Game 2 result:
You: T T H T T H H T H
Your score: 9
Your friend: T T H H T H T T
Your friends' score: 8

Game 3 result:
You: T T H H T H
Your score: 6
Your friend: H H T H T T
Your friends' score: 6

Now, after playing 3 games, your score is 7 (average) and your friend's score is 8 (average). Assume that you keep playing like this for several many games, what of the following outcomes are you expecting at the end?
a) Your average score is lower and you win.
b) Your friend's average score is lower and he wins.
c) Both have equal scores and the match ties.

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#19 - Coin Probability Brain Teasers

Difficulty Popularity

You keep tossing a fair coin for twenty times. Each time, the coin lands up with tails up.

What is the probability that if you toss it now, the coin will land with heads up this time?

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#20 - Conditional Probability Brain Teaser

Difficulty Popularity

The students of a particular class were given two tests for evaluation. Twenty Five percent of the class cleared both the tests and forty five percent of the students were able to clear the first test.

You have to calculate the percentage of those students who passed the first test and were also able to pass the second test. How will you do it?

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