Have you mastered the art of solving puzzles and brain teasers already? Well, we have the following section of Hard Puzzles and Riddles especially for you. See for yourself how good you are at solving the hardest of them. If you can solve the following Hard Puzzles and Riddles, consider yourself to be a master at it.

#11 - Dead Chemist Riddle - Byomkesh Bakshi

Difficulty Popularity

A well-known chemist name from London was murdered while his visit to Calcutta(India).
He left a note "76-20-44 79-16-22-7"

A local detective Byomkesh Bakshi was called to solve the case,
Chemist five assistant is under suspicion of killing the chemist named :
Austin, Terry, Cole, Hazard, Oscaru, and Drogba.

After reading the note, Byomkesh Bakshi instantly asked the police to arrest the murderers.

Who are the murderers?

category : MYSTERY | SCIENCE

#12 - Fill The Swimming Pool Maths Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

In my society named "GPuzzles", there is a huge swimming pool and there are four pipes that can fill a swimming pool.
> The first pipe can fill the swimming pool completely in exact 2 days.
> The first pipe can fill the swimming pool completely in exact 3 days.
> The first pipe can fill the swimming pool completely in exact 4 days.
> The first pipe can fill the swimming pool completely in exact 6 hours

One day I opened all the pipes simultaneously, how long will it take the swimming pool to be filled completely?

category : MATHS

#13 - Counting Hands Brain Teaser

Difficulty Popularity

Can you solve the brain teaser by counting the number of hands in the picture below?

category : PICTURE

#14 - Logical Deduction - Real Life Murder Or Suicide Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

Alexis jumped off the top of building a suicide attempt not knowing that a safety net is already there near the 8th floor. However, he was interrupted by a bullet shot at the back of head fired near the 10th story window. Alexis falls on the safety net but was dead at the instance.
Normally if a person intends to commit suicide and his actions cause his death, it is a suicide even if the death does not take place in the way the person expected.
But if it's not the bullet Alexis must have survived.

Later on, investigation police found out that an old man angrily fired at her wife in the 1oth floor flat. however, shot missed the wife and hit the Alexis.
Normally, when a person intends to kill one human being and by his action kills another human being accidental, the charge is murder.

Later on the investigation, it was found out that gun was always unloaded and the man is just threatening his wife Further investigation revealed that the shotgun had been loaded by the couple's adult son, who was angry at his mother for cutting off monetary support. The son was hoping one day his father accidentally killed his mother
Normally when a person plans something whose action kills another human being, the charge is murder.

Note: We have changed the name of the people involved.

Is this a murder or suicide and if murder who is guilty?

category : LOGIC | MYSTERY

#15 - Odd Picture Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

What is so weird about this picture?

category : PICTURE

#16 - Guess The Next Number Of This Series

Difficulty Popularity

Which number comes next
1 3 8 13 21 ?
category : SERIES

#17 - DeathMatch 23 Coin Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

Brutal king organized a deathmatch between 2 captured enemy soldiers and told them the one that wins the match will live and the other will be hanged to death.
DeathMatch Rules:
1. There will be 23 coins on the table.
2. The one who picks the last coins will lose.
3. You can pick coin either one or two at a time.
4. Coins will be picked one by one.

Consider yourself as one of the soldiers, will you pick coin 1st or 2nd and why?

category : LOGIC

#18 - Unique Date Riddle

Difficulty Popularity

A mathematician told me that people often write a date in two ways
like a.b or a/b ie. 6th December is written as 6.12 or 6/12.
and then the mathematician asked me a problem
"Which unique date has the property that the product of two formats of date is equal to 1 i.e a.b X a/b = 1"

category : LOGIC

#19 - Can You Crack The Code Puzzle

Difficulty Popularity

A secret file can be opened by a 5 digit code.
Can you crack the code with the help of clues given in the picture below?

#20 - Numbers River Crossing Brain Teaser (Hard)

Difficulty Popularity

There is an Island of puzzles called GPuzzles where numbers 1 - 9 want to cross the river. There is a single boat that can take numbers from one side to the other.
However, maximum 3 numbers can go at a time and of course, the boat cannot sail on its own so one number must come back after reaching to another side.
Also, the sum of numbers crossing at a time must be a square number.

You need to plan trips such that minimum trips are needed

category : LOGIC | MATHS

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